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Monday, November 07, 2011


Last week was a big one! We took Paisley to Disney World!!!! What a fun week.....actually, the most fun in my ENTIRE LIFE! Watching my sweet girl have the time of her life was so stinking fun. Princesses? Yes! Costumes? Yes. Rides? Yes. Cotton Candy? Yes. Paisley was on Cloud 1 million and nine! Ha. And secretly, I was too. It really was fun.

I hated not taking Griffin, but at 19 months, it would have sucked. Plain and simple. Thank goodness I have selfless in-laws who kept him for us. He will get to visit Disney when he is older. As in, 12. Just kidding.

I will apologize now....This is the longest post EVER. And the amount of pictures on this post are insane! I am embarrassed to admit I took about 900 pictures. I am justifying it by trying to savor the memories...

This was right before heading to the airport. To say she was excited was an understatement!

Her outfit says, "Disney or Bust" A sweet friend from Etsy made it. Her store name is "Anna Banana Couture"...

We left on Wednesday night and stayed at a Ramada hotel by the airport in order to make Thursday an easier day. Very smart move!

We flew Southwest direct from Nashville to Orlando. Paisley loved the flight as much as Disney. She is at such a sweet and easy age. I wish I could freeze time!

Paisley and Rosie in matching outfits!! Love it!

Me and my sweet girl!!! She was nearly asleep at this point, but way too excited!!

On Thursday, we checked in at The Contemporary Resort. It was a very expensive hotel that we stayed in for convenience! I think it is insane what they charge and it isn't anything special. It is the equivalent of a really nice Hilton. Nothing more. HOWEVER, we were able to walk to Magic Kingdom and that was worth the money. No breaking strollers down, no boarding buses, etc. It was very nice! We also took the monorail occasionally, but most of the time, walking was the fastest way...

This was a thank you kiss from my sweet girl!!

Mary Poppins was the first person we met when walking onto Main Street. She was in awe! The characters were BY FAR one of her favorite parts of Disney. She never minded standing in lines because she was so excited to meet them!

She also loved the windows at the front of Main Street with the stories of all the Disney Classic Movies. Everyday we stopped and looked the displays....

She was in shock and awe. I think she was even drooling at times!

The Disney PhotoPass is wonderful. You register your photopass card and Disney photographers take professional pictures at every major attraction and character spot. They just scan your card and they are downloaded everyday. So convenient!

Disney hires the greatest people! They are all so skilled at what they do! I love that about Disney. This gentleman was a retired Papaw who works here so basically his grandkids can come visit. I loved it!

When Snow White opened the door, Paisley was glazed over!!! Snow White immediately sat down and they conversed for a good 5-10 minutes! SO fun! Carpe the heck out of this Diem!

November was an AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME time to visit! In a perfect world, we would have gone Monday thru Thursday, due to the crowds being MUCH less during the week. But the lines were so manageable! We waited 20-25 minutes max for anything!

The stepsisters were hilarious! They were so funny! Doesn't the one on the right look like Kathy Griffin? Laugh Out Loud!

Princess Aurora rules supreme in the Goody Household! I was informed to take MANY pictures of her. Everyday there is a Street Parade in Magic Kingdom. It is wonderful because you see all the major characters. This was by far my favorite part of the day. They also had LOTS of interaction with the kids in this parade.

Stephen was out of control on this trip. He let Paisley have ANYTHING she wanted. And I do mean anything. I finally had to put a major foot down by the end of the week! We were running out of luggage room and I was afraid we have new cavities!!

The Disney Electrical Parade is usually every night about 8 or 9, followed by fireworks. Prepare yourself for long days at Disney!!

We ate dinner on Thursday at Narcoosses' located at The Grand Floridian. It was wonderful! I would definitely eat here again... They are known for their lobster that is fresh and flown in daily. It is a 2 table service meal, but definitely worth spending two table services on it. I think when we go back we will stay at The Grand Floridian. It was beautiful!

More electrical parade pictures! Pete and his Dragon!

Twins? I mean they are identical!!

On Friday, we woke up EARLY and went to Epcot, with a breakfast at Akershus Royal Table in Norway. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!! For a few reasons: 1) One table service only, 2) Delicious Food, and 3) A picture is included!!

Paisley had the time of her life!!!

She loved the princesses!! She was completely star struck!!

My favorite picture!!! She loves Aurora so this was a special moment. She was so happy...

I loved The Little Mermaid!! Check out her necklace?! Love!

The highlight of the day was meeting Jasmine! She was PUMPED! haha. Jasmine was so sweet and she spent about 15 minutes with us! There was no line! It was great!!!!

Paisley asked her lots of quetions about Aboo and Alladin. And Jafar. haha.

The Food and Wine festival was going on at Epcot and let me just say....OMGEE! We ate enough to kill us!!! They had tapas at every country in the World Showcase and they were delicious!! We also had the best pastries in France! I had Creme Brulee that was out of this world!!

We did not buy Park Hoppers (This is where you can go in between parks all day, everyday) so on Friday night, we watched the fireworks from our hotel balcony and then ate dinner at The California Grill and it was delicious! Very much packed, so definitely make a reservation here.

After dinner, Paisley talked Stephen into ANOTHER stuffed animal, Lotso Hugging Bear. And yes, he did smell like strawberries. HA!

We had an awesome arcade in our hotel that Paisley was DYING to go in! SO of course we played and I think we won a slinky and two Dum Dums.

On Saturday, we went to the Bibbiti Boppity Boutique for Paisley to have her hair done by the fairy godmothers. She loved it!! She thought she was a REAL princess at this point. We saved money here by taking our own princess costume and just paid for hair, make-up, and painted nails. When they spun her around, she about fainted!

Afterwards, we went and met Rapunzel. She was a hot ticket at MK due to the fact that there is only one of her! She was so sweet and supernice!

And after that, we went and rode the teacups with the Mad Hatter and Alice. What a great memory!! A sweet little boy on this ride was a Make A Wish contestant....He was so cute. It broke my heart...

We had lots of fun in Fantasyland, but also in Frontier Land as well. It was actually chilly this day, which was so nice!!

Paisley loved meeting these two!!
Lots of Disney Dancers from the parade...

Paisley fell in LOVE with Peter Pan's ride. We rode it 6 times. Yes, thats right.

I hope you enjoyed our pics!! We had a wonderful trip!!! Leave me a comment and let me know your favorite things at Dsneyworld!! And there might be a gift card! Actually, there is!! $20.00 to Target. You all deserve it if you read this whole post :)
It feels good to be back!!


Jay, Leslie and William said...

I double-heart Disney too!! Your post soooo makes me want to go and take William! Great pics! My favorite part, by far, is Epcot...I'll probably never be able to go to many of those countries, so I think it's so much fun to be able to see mini-versions :)

Alex Jones said...

I have enjoyed seeing your pics over the past week. So precious :) Disney is fun for anyone, no matter the age. I'm going with my whole family in January, can't wait. It's a family tradition that i'll never forget.

Shelli said...

So happy that you all had a great time! We live in CA so we usually go to Disneyland... not as big but still SO fun!

Kozy Gammill said...

Disneyworld is by far our favorite place to vacation. I grew up going with my family, but my husband went for his first time on our honeymoon. He then vowed that we would go back at least once a year, and that, we have done. There isn't one particular thing I can call my favorite after all of these times, except for the feeling that you have just being with your family, watching your kids grinning from ear to ear, knowing that you are making memories that will be with you for a lifetime. I love all of your pics. I'm sitting here looking at them with my girls, counting down the days 'til we go back! Just 6!!!

Heather H said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing all of these pictures; makes me want to schedule a trip stat! My favorite things at Disney are the Mary Poppins Breakfast at The Grand Floridian (it's great for little kids and nostalgic for me - great and mom & daughter activity) and then the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Hollywood Studios for a great ride and fun music.

The Dimino's said...

I am a huge Disney fan!! We will are going the week after Thanksgiving next year!! My favorite thing at Disney probably is the world showcase!!

Julie Puryear said...

Hey Girl!! LOVED reading this post!!! Disney is one of our favorite places on earth!! Charles and I went on our honeymoon and stayed at the Grand Floridian...I say that you should DEF stay there next was absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! I am so glad that ya'll had such a great trip...Not to wish time away, but I can't wait for the day when we can take Kate..b/c we love it SO much!!!!Take care and enjoy those adorable kiddos!! :)

Erin said...

So glad you all had such a great time!! I can't wait to take Ty back when he's older! And I loved meeting all the princesses just as much as my 5 year old niece!! lol!

Amy @ Places II Go said...

Love the pictures Katie Jane!! Paisley is adorable!

Best Regards,
Amy @ Places II Go

Erin said...

It's so hard to pick just one favorite thing at Disney, but something I will always look forward to is staying at the Polynesian Resort there. It's amazing!!

Leslie said...

I just loved our time at Disney too. I am glad you had such a special time with just Paisley. I know Griffin will have his time. Disney is magical!

Leslie said...

I just loved our time at Disney too. I am glad you had such a special time with just Paisley. I know Griffin will have his time. Disney is magical!

ash said...

Oh KJ, so magical for the entire family. I loved reading this post because it reminded me of my experience at Disney. But, I do wish I had experience the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique! ---Ash

kprincesskate said...

We have never been to Disneyworld- someday we will get there! We do live about 6 hours from Disneyland and we go there once a year! It is by far our most favorite vacation and our daughter's look forward to it all year long. My favorite thing about Disneyland is the magic that it bestows on all- both young and old!

Rachel Osborne said...

Thank you for taking the time to share pictures from your magical trip. Great memories!

Jennifer Rexroat said...

Thank you for the post! We haven't taken our children to Disney yet, so we are gathering all of the information and advice that we can. Thanks!

Leigh said...

I love Disney World! So glad you guys had a great time.