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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am so behind on posts, but I definitely wanted to show some love to Walden Farms. This is the greatest pumpkin patch in Middle Tennessee! It is so cute and the Walden Family are devout Christians and upstanding citizens. Sweet Grace Hamilton (our friend with leukemia) loves the pumpkin patch! She wanted to go very badly, but due to her counts being so low, she could not be around other children. SO guess what? Walden Farms let her come early and they were able to ride everything and see all the animals!! So very nice! Paisley and Grace had too much fun!

A few weeks later, we met Grammy and Pappy for another day at the farm!

You can buy a punch card for $10.oo and that pays for all your rides and games. It is so cute! Definitely check them out next year!

Grammy and Paisley.

Paisley having her face painted. She loved it of course. She had a pink flower painted.

Griffin didn't really care, as long as he was able to lick on his sucker! HA!

My two monkeys playng on the see saw!

Stephen and Pappy!

My favorite part are the baby pigs!!! Love them!!!

We attempted a family picture and this is what it looked like! HAHA!

My two little pumpkins....

I hope you all had a great weekend!! How many people went to the movies??? Jacob. Hawt Edward. Hawt. Praise the Lord!

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Misty said...

lol at the family picture! :)