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Friday, November 25, 2011


I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We certainly did...Too bad vacations have to end...We were heading home Saturday and met with tons of rain,freezing cold weather and rain that was part sleet...It has yet to stop!! And they are calling for possible snow tomorrow night!??!! Yuck. I am already over winter and it isn't even here yet...I am so thankful for 4 seasons!! Anyways, here are some pictures of our weekend in Mississippi...

Griffin and Paisley love playing in my mama and daddy's bathtub! That is always the highlight of the trip, along with staying in a hotel. Paisley thinks that a hotel is just the ultimate. Jumping on the bed, staying up late, free breakfast with unlimited cinnamon rolls and 4 different kinds of cereals? She is in Heaven.

Anyway, here are some pictures!!

Griffin and my daddy playing and being this!!
My mama and daddy's new kitchen is so nice. It makes me wanna cook. And that is not normal..

I love the exposed brick in their house. My mama should give up nursing and law and start building and designing homes. She is very talented!

My aunt and uncle are also building a house and it is nearly complete. I forgot my camera but I promise some pictures after Christmas!

My daddy and 3 of the grand babies! Isabella (3), Paisley (4), and Griffin (19 Months)...My daddy likes to ride them on the mower or 4 wheeler. They love it!!

Saying the blessing before our delicious lunch!!
I love this picture! Griffin is trying to figure out what is going on!! HAHA!
Joe and Anna Blaire. Aren't they precious? I love these two so much!

Griffin was in Heaven. He ate enough sweet potato pie to kill him!! He also really liked broccoli casserole and corn pudding. I love my little muffin!!

Even Stephen lays off the diet on Thanksgiving! He is so disciplined 363 days a year!! Thanksgiving and Christmas and he caves!!
My mama's pecan pie! Delicious!!
Coca Cola Cake....

Sweet potato pie, Broccoli and Cheese Casserole, Butter Beans from the garden, and Corn Pudding...
My sweet and beautiful sister....I love her so much. She is a great role model...
My mama's cousin Janet came over and brought cupcakes and icing and the kids made hamburger cupcakes and we attempted turkey Oreo's. They were harder than they looked!! Thanks Janet! You were so kind to do this. We all had so much fun!!

Paisley and Cousin Janet...
Joe wasn't sure about all this...He observed mostly!!

I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family....I am very thankful for all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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