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Monday, November 14, 2011


I know, I know. Halloween was weeks ago. I am so behind on virtually everything. Better late than never, right???

I hosted a 2nd Annual Girls Bunco Night on Thursday, October 27th. 16 girls came and some serious dice rolling occurred!! We all brought a heavy appetizer and a bottle of wine, and also $10.00 for the pot! The winner took $50.00, best costume took $50.00, Most Bunco's took $50.00, and the loser took back home their $10.00.....Very fun!

Some Hot Mamas....

My BFF Lacey had an ah-maz-ing costume that she MADE. Yes, that's right!
She went as a Raven...It was so beautiful and fun!
I also loved loved loved Amy's outfit as Carmen Miranda. She looked so cute!! She also made her costume, too. Precious!!
Alexis as a drop dead gorgeous Super Hero!!
Lacey as the Raven...
Door Prizes....SO FUN!
I loved this glitter cauldron. I purchased at Cracker Barrel. The Frankenstein bags are notecards from the 1$ bin at Wal-Mart, and then glued to plain brown bags from the craft store.

My favorite thing I made were these Spooky Sundaes. I made BBQ Brisket, topped with mashed potatoes, sprinkled with cheddar cheese, and topped with a tomato. SO cute!
I also loved these Nutter Butter "ghosts" cookies....SO fun! The cookies were dipped in white chocolate, and then I used cake pop eyes purchased from Joann's. Super easy!!
And who says Mommies can't have fun? I LOVED these!!

The best costume was a tie and went to The Black Swan and The Raven....
We had such a great time! Call your friends and host a bunco party!


Shelli said...

AWESOME party!!! You did a great job... I am SO stealing this for next year! :)

Kim said...

So fun. Lacey's costume was awesome!