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Saturday, March 09, 2013


One of the main reasons I blog is to journal. I know that one day I will be so glad I have these memories written down and recorded! In saying that, I am going back to December. Nothing like reliving Christmas in March, but here it goes!

I could not figure out why I didn't blog in December and then I remembered: It was a crazy month. Paisley fell at the pumpkin patch in Mississippi back in late October and knocked both front teeth into her gums, causing both teeth to abscess. They had to pull both of her front teeth. It was traumatic as it sounds!!! I recommend this to no one. I do, however, recommend Dr. Ryan Creggers. He is the sweetest thing ever. Paisley adores him and his staff. He made it as painless as possible.

If that wasn't bad enough, Paisley also had a umbilical hernia since birth. Our pediatrician told us years ago he wanted this surgically fixed if it wasn't better by age 5. So we had that done also since the deductible was already hit. Ha. And it was a good thing. The surgery was out patient and the bill was over $10,000. And people wonder why health care is breaking this country?! That topic is for another day and another post. The ending was great! The surgery was successful and we are grateful for Vanderbilt Children's and their wonderful staff!

Here is my princess right before surgery! She was so brave!!

On Day Two, she felt fine... Well enough to open a Christmas present and play Barbies! Thanks Gigi!

A few days after surgery, we went and paid Dear Ole Santa a visit. Muffin was not too sure about him....Paisley, on the other hand, was thrilled! 
I promised her when she felt better we would go visit Santa and Waffle House. Waffle House is their favorite restaurant on earth(I always think about my good friend Craig Noone, God bless his soul, he loved Waffle House. I hope Heaven is treating him with some scattered and smothered....the funny thing about this is that Craig was a huge chef in Jackson and he still always loved Waffle House! Ha.) 
My kids eat liked they are starved when taken to the Waffle House. 

These are so funny, I had to include. Our dogs think they are humans! And when our kids are sick, they never leave their sides! It is so cute. Jose, the chihuahua and Paisley asleep in our bed. 

Lola is the cutest wiener dog ever. Love her so much! 

And next up is all the decorating for Christmas! I absolutely love the holidays. The best part of the year in my opinion. This has quickly become my favorite tree. I love nutcrackers so much, and also love all the homemade decorations my kids are making me. Every year, we add more and more! 

The big tree in my den. Sadly, this artificial tree died this year. NEVER ever buy a pre-lit tree. 
It is awesome. Until the lights burn out. 
Then it is awful having to cut them all off! 
Anyone else feel my pain? 

This picture isn't great, but I also cherish my Fontanini. It is the most beautiful nativity pieces and houses. The best part is that it is plastic so my kids can play with it, too. 
Buy an extra Baby Jesus. I think we are on our 3rd one. 

I also let Paisley decorate her Barbie mansion this year. She thought this was fabulous.
 We strung lights and bought a purple tree with pink decorations. 
You can see below that they are having their own party! 

And all of my many, many nutcrackers! I am starting to write who gives them to me on the bottom and the year, so that way I can go back and reminisce. I love this idea and I found it on Pinterest. 
Two Hollywood Nutcrackers and Mr. Radko in between...

Paisley's fun GIRLY tree...

ELF ON THE SHELF ANTICS: Welcome Nikki and Buddy! 

Buddy found the M&M's

And he stole Rapunzel's dress! 

Some mornings he left presents.....even in the oddest places!!! 

Muffin is growing up so quickly! He is turning into my fraternity boy!!! Haha. 
I love his loafers and no socks. He HATES socks. 
He pulls them off the minute we get in the car. Love him. He is SO my child. I hate socks too! 

Test driving some auto motives for Santa and his elves! 

We also redid Griffin's big boy room and he got new furniture as well! That is on my list to blog about soon! I promise! But here is a pic of him in action playing with his trains! 

If you have been reading my blog for long, you know that at Christmas we celebrate one week known as Festigoody. Festigoody is one day at the mall buying yourselves lots of treats, and also a huge party we throw the first Saturday night in December. Here are some party pics!
I took no pics of my outfit except this one! I love this necklace so much! 
The Estate Bib necklace from Stella and Dot ! You can find it here! 
Some more of the house....
Good friends, old and new! 

Jeff and Emily just relaxing! 
Anthony and Derek! 

Stephen and Peter! 

Trees and food, food and trees! 

I know, I didn't do very good on the pictures this year! Sorry! 

We also celebrated my friend Emily's birthday at Wild Ginger! 
Love these girls so much! 
Great, great friends! 

Paisley is growing up and can be one extreme or the other...90% of the time, the sweetest child ever. The other 10% of the time, a D-I-V-A. I have no idea who she gets that from. Ha. 

She hates dance and I make her take it. I know, I know. I am such a mean mommy. But she needs some physical activity and she looks so cute in the outfits. She LOVES dressing up, but sometimes she complains it's hard. I told her she didn't have to take next year, but we have to finish the year out. 
She absolutely loves to wear make-up for the performances. That makes her VERY happy! 

One of her and Muffin. They are getting along so much better these days. Thank God! 


Stephen has a colleague that has some major connections at Tory Burch, 
so girlfriend has been giving me the HOOK UP. 
I am so happy that she is apart of our lives! Ha. I absolutely love this bag and I carry it everywhere. 
It is big enough for the children to climb inside and very functional! 

ME & Pais shopping at Nordstroms. The girl has good taste! 
Absolutely love Bond No. 9 perfume! Get a sample the next time you are in Nordstroms.

Griffin likes to shop like this.....He hates the mall and all parts of it! Bless him. 


We met some friends and went to The Nutcrcaker at TPAC the second week in December and had such a great time. Before hand, we went to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory downtown and the girls thought it was so much fun! 

Me and Paisley

Grammy and Paisley! 

Gracyn, Paisley, and Camila
Being silly! 


Poor Stephen, he always gets stuck opening up presents! I bet your husbands know the feeling! 
Grammy opening her gifts from the kids! 

Paisley also got to play the angel in the church nativity scene that is part of the downtown 
Nashville Christmas Parade! 
She thought this was SUCH a big deal!! 


At Christmas, the girls put on the cutest review and this year the theme was "Frosty the Snowman"
Here is Paisley and some of her friends!! 

This picture frightens me about the future! Ha. 

Paisley and Daddy. Twins? I think so. 
The sweet Shaw sisters and Paisley! 

Paisley and her friend, Ellie Rose making crafts. I have served as Home Room Mother this year and it has been so much fun! I always was the mom that missed everything, and it is a great feeling to be able to make it to all events. Even though it is probably short lived, 
I am grateful of this year I have had at home! 
Sweet Paisley missing her two front teeth. Love that baby! 

Snowman crafts! 

Paisley and some of her classmates! 

Well, that's it for PART ONE of December! Ha. 
I will be back for PART TWO later this week! 
Lord, give me strength! 

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