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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


So about a month ago, I walk in the door from a successful Stella and Dot party to a very quiet house. For a minute, I thought everyone was asleep and was amazed! Way to go Stephen! Way to handle those kids and being "in charge" on Friday night. I am assuming they stopped for pizza and frozen yogurt. And a guinea pig. Wait? WHAT! Yeah, not so much. I walked to the top of the stairs and see the biggest cage you can imagine=Paisley talked her daddy into a guinea pig and about $200 worth of accessories for "Gus"...Paisley is on Cloud nine hundred. Stephen on the other hand was headed to the dog house. HOWEVER, those sweet little faces started to grow on me!!! 

So friends, meet Archie! Archie was the second guinea pig purchased, after Gus. You see, Stephen convinced me that Gus would die without a companion. SO off we go for a second one. Can't you hear the excitement in my voice?!!? SARCASM! 

And here's Gus! 

Paisley basking in her fantastic selling skills! 

 Our friend Gracyn feeding an apple to Gus! 

Sweet Gus! 

Gus just chilling in the doll house! 

 Paisley's friend Collier holding Gus! 

Poor little guinea pig is probably like, "Please take me back to the pet store!!" 

 Daddy loves them the most! 

 The newness has not worn off YET! And we are a month into this!! 

Hope you enjoyed the Guinea Pig photos! We are truly about one animal away from a full Zoo! Ha.


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