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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last Sunday night, we went to see The Gettys at The Ryman. 
You can check their music out here. They are fabulous! 
Ricky Skaggs came out as a special guest! 
It was a very memorable St. Patricks Day for sure! 
Is anyone watching Dancing With The Stars? 
I am watching this season, and I am loving it so far.
 I am pulling for Dorothy Hamill. I think she is so beautiful... 

I am also planning Griffin's Birthday Party. It is a monster theme, which is so stinking fun. I am having it this year at Glow Galaxy, so there is only so much I am allowed to do (BOO!), but it is way easier than having a party at home. There is so little clean up and that part I love. Hopefully next year we will be in a new house, and I will have a massive backyard and I can go crazy! 

Here is a little more of my inspiration! 

I am also loving JC Penny's new line, Joe Fresh. 
I have picked up some really cute stuff lately! 

I have also been spending WAY too much time on Polyvore lately, I absolutely loooove styling outfits for Spring! So superfun...

Most of this is from Tarjay...YES. You read that correctly! 
And this too! More Tarjay! 
I love all these spring colors together. 
I am a big fan of basics because then you can dress it up with accessories! 

Another Tarjay find.....This Prabal Gurung dress
 that I am obsessed with. 
The necklace is pricey but you can find ones similar on eBay.
More Tarjay basics! Yes, you can find LOTS of this at Target. 
The jeans, a knock-off JCrew top...
And I know, my accessories are high, but there are lots and lots of less expensive options at 
Forever 32, TJMaxx, and Target. I am totally digging these knock-off Valentino Steve Madden pumps! 

I love this basic navy dress, that you can dress up or down!
 And Stella has so many options that go with it! I love this Maldives necklace from Stella! You can buy it here.
And more fun clothes! 
How cute is that little clutch with the pink face?! LOVE. 

More Tarjay LOVE. I am a big fan of the Prabal Gurung line. 
 It all just works so well together.
 I am also really digging those Nine West heels! 

I am really loving my mint jeans from Kohls. 
Old Navy has them, too. You can find them here

These jeans are so versatile! They look great with so many colors. 

A new read? Give Them Grace. 
A fabulous book and I am only 1/10th of the way through! 

Some other updates around the Goody household: 

Gus Goode is doing well, and so is Archie. Archie is very jitterish. That is why he isn't in many pics. I am usually holding him! 

Muffin l-o-v-e-s some Jason's Deli Ice Cream and 
Pumpkin Muffins. We usually hit up Jason's after church on Sunday. My kids call this the "salad place" ha. 

Stephen also just finished another half marathon. He ran the Tom King a few Saturday's ago, along with my friend, Courtney. Courtney has the cutest blog, you should check it out here. She has become a VERY good friend because our kids go to pre-school together. She is precious. 

Stephen did fantastic! He finished in 1.41...
As in, he ran 7 to 8 minute miles. I don't know if I will ever be able to run that fast unless someone is chasing me! Ha. 
 I am so proud of him! Love him so much!...

I hope you are all doing well and 
hopefully are surviving this crazy cold Spring weather. 
I would like to have a word with ol' Phil the Groundhog. 
Early spring my _____!!!! 

Happy Sunday! 

PS- LET'S GO REBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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