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Friday, February 18, 2011


If you are having a baby in the next few years, I would HIGHLY suggest a stop by the Encores and More consignment sale tomorrow in Franklin, Tennessee. It is at 200 Beasley Drive, inside an old warehouse. The sales opens to the public at 12pm noon. Take a wagon/stroller/shopping cart, because you will need it. The shopping carts were scarce. And this is NOT a place for kids. They are actually not even allowed, unless they are in a Bjorn Carrier.

My sweet friend Jennifer had an extra pre-sale pass, so I was able to go early and let me just say...I walked away with TONS.....over 100 items of clothes, a Britax Roundabout car seat, two Fisher Price toys, and a dollhouse for Paisley. I spent $249.00. The carseat was only $40.00!!!!

The best deal of all were the toys!!!

But they have adult clothes, kids, shoes, furniture, EVERYTHING!

Can't wait to hear about your deals!!


PS- They take cash, debit, and credit cards. No checks.

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