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Monday, February 07, 2011


Some of you have asked me how I know Kate McRae, and I have followed her through other blogs since 2009....I do not know her personally, but we are all children of God!

Her dad is a pastor of a church in Arizona and they are holding a day of prayer and fasting for Kate today, Monday February 07....

You can also check out this website,

Here are some of the things they are asking specific prayer for:

Pray that God would deliver Kate from every cancer cell in her body.

Pray for the protection of her body as she undergoes extremely intensive chemotherapy treatments.

Pray that the tumor would disappear completely and pray for Kate's sweet heart in this confusing time in her life.

Pray also for the Doctors treating Kate that they would have laser like understanding of how to treat this cancer.

Pray for us as a couple and that our marriage would be strengthened as we travel this long road with our daughter and family.

Pray for our family (Aaron, Holly, Olivia, Kate and Will) that God would hold us close through this season of trusting Him in new brand new ways.

Pray that as Kate's story continues to travel, literally, across the world, it would be a story that points to hope.

Ultimately, our prayer is that the hope we cling to in Jesus would be broadcast loudly and clearly through this journey we are on with our precious Kate.

Okay, I am boo hooing reading this. I know you are, too. Please pray for Kate today!


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