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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


If someone could make the payment every month on this 2011 Infinit Q56 in burgundy, and then let me drive it, ohhhh it would be SWEET................I am not a car person, but this is superfine...

I am also a big fan of these Brussel Sprouts...when Stephen is out of town, this is usually my dinner.

I also love these soft cotton blazers from Old Navy. They are super comfy and look so cute over tanks and leggings. Add ballet flats, Toms, or Uggs, and you have a casual Saturday outfit!!

How cute is this for Griffin?! He will be pimping this at the pool this summer...Old Navy Fedora.

Love this silk bag from Old Navy...

ANd how adorbale is this from Etsy??!
Love the Mod Barbie print....

Speaking of Barbie, do you girls remember Peaches and Cream...She was my favorite!
Here is Betty Draper, aka January Jones, from Mad Men....

The Happy Birthday Ken, Barbie
And speaking of the Latino Barbie and Ken, (actually, Marc Anthony is no Ken. Let's be honest. It was his LUCKY day) check out JLo and Marc's newest LA home.....gorgeous.

Can you imagine what cheetos and juice boxes would look like here? And they have twins?
The twins must live down the street. But gorgeous none the less!!
You can see all of the house in Veranda magazine....

I must say I LOVE the new Idol. JLO is so gorgeous!! I loved this outfit!!!

And how funny is Steven Tyler?? Hysterical.

Did anyone watch the dog show? I love Westminster. Reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Best In Show!

And I have had some fashion e-mails, so here are some answers:
If I could pick one new bag for spring, what would it be?
I would definitely pick something in gold, that way, it matches black and fun spring colors.

I purchased this Tory Burch bag for half the cost off of E-Bay.....Love it!!

Speaking of Tory, I loved her runway looks and these platforms!!

What are YOU loving???


Misty said...

I am loving the entire line of Infinitis! My husband works at the Smyrna plant so if you need a friends/family discount you let me know! :)

-Lucky Mommy- said...

I have been drooling over the new Q56!!

monique said...

this is funny...I just bought that old navy blazer before I read your blog entry, it's adorable! And, it's now on sale for $14. Great transition piece. I miss seeing you--hope we can plan something soon!

Kim said...

We are so on the same page about Mr. J. Lo. Love the kitchen, the blazer is fabulous and will be mine today. Barbie dress? Adorable. And I love the Infiniti. My boss has one - I moved it to the garage the other day and wanted to drive it to my house to keep it.

Catherine said...

Oh, my--the Q56! There are a couple of them that pull through the JA carpool. It's nice getting to load kids and take a peek inside! HA! =)