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Monday, February 07, 2011


We had a very fun filled weekend. I am extremely tired and Stephen gets on my nerves right now. Do you girls ever go through that stuff? Everything he does drives me crazy!!

Yes I just typed that. Are you surprised? You shouldn't be. People who act like they love their spouse 24/7 make me want to vomit.

And most of the time, they are hiding what they really want to say. I don't care how smart/rich/ good looking/perfect your husband is, there are days you want to slap him and you get fed up.
Let me stop right there and say that Stephen and I are very committed to one another and I don't believe in divorce (unless he cheated, that would be hard), and I know I am difficult, too. But there are times that I don't have to like him. Some examples:
1) He throws his underwear in the floor right NEXT to the hamper.
2) He puts almost empty boxes of cereal back in the pantry.
3) He loads the dishwasher, but doesn't start it.
4) He says, "Well, you didn't tell me to do that?" What!?! "What did you do before we were married?" "My mom did it." LIAR. No she didn't. You figured it out.

Ohhh, and I could go on and on and on. But you pick your fights. You make up and you move on. And you leave LOTS of sticky notes that have the word CHOREPLAY on them.

They are kinda like toddlers, "Now if you do this, we might do this?!" And so on and so forth...

BUT, at the end of the day, He is my cheerleader and he does love me very much! And our children.....that stuff is priceless.

And PS-he did quarter lemons to put in the water for the party this weekend. Without being asked. Not sliced. Quartered. To go in a clear beverage dispenser. He is NOT gay or a friend to the fairies. I have no worries in that department...

Speaking of fairies, Paisley is in that whole I am a princess and a butterfly stage....

Clearly, we have not discussed over accessorizing.

She is blinging out here with headbands, crowns, wands, heels, heart ears, and her beloved faux flowers that her boyfriend Lance brought her. She asks me daily, "Mommy, when do I get to be a bwiiiide?" Oh, princess. Aloooooong time from now. Just made a mental note that I need to start saving NOW...

And this is my wild child. Look how red his knees are. He has climbed and crawled soooo hard. He loves spaghetti. And Barbies. I can't wait to tell him that one day!! LOL.....

He also LOVES his race track my sister bought him for Christmas!

Did y'all enjoy the superbowl?
I made white chicken chili, buffalo chicken dip,
rice krispie treats...
pretty American fare!!!

I thought the Black Eyed Peas and Usher were great. LOVED the show!!!



Katie said...

Oh gosh, I can totally empathize with you on your husband woes! Mine will use a paper plate and paper napkin and put them in the sink or leave them on the counter. Irks me to the core! Lol

Kelly said...

I am right with you on the husband thing. It is impossible to love anyone all the time. The fact that we can tolerate them most of the time is what makes a marriage work.

Jenn said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now, and you crack me up. I agree with you 100% about the husbands, after I spend all day cleaning will come in and throw his dirty work clothes all over the floor and throw everything in his pockets on the kitchen table, makes me want to choke him, but you are right you pick your battles, and at the end of the day we still love 'em.

Alex and Ashley said...

Ha! I love this post! My husband is the same way! Great blog. Great family.