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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I am sorry, but didn't Penelope Cruz give birth like 2 weeks ago????

Wowzers. She looks boobalicious!! Absolutely stunning!!!

And poor Cate Blanchett. Her dress looks like a picture frame. Very versatile. Just change the picture out for the occassion. AWFUL!

And this hot thing needs no introduction. 10 10 10 10s across the board for McConaughey......

Jennifer Hudson looks incredible. I am speechless at how skinny she is. Bravo Jennifer!!!

She looks like a classic beauty!!

Absolutely loved this dress by Calvin Klein. I am sure Gwenyth cleansed for weeks.
But she looks good!!!

My favorite couple of the night...Rhea Durham and Marky Mark....

Hillary Swank hits a home run year after year!! This dress is the right color, the right volume, the right amount drama, and it doesn't clash with the red carpet.

Who did you love and hate?
Overall, I thought it was a snooze fest!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Gwyneth's dress was my absolute fave. Although there were a lot of good ones. But I agree, her performance didn't rock.