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Thursday, March 17, 2011


This is Paisley's school pic. I was out of town and Stephen dressed her in a t-shirt from Tar-jay. I am mortified. But still a great pic...
-Went to see sweet Grace tonight. She was eating fries and watching Dora. The port is still not working. Pray that they can get the line working. They will try again tomorrow. Cannot start chemo until this is fixed.
-Amy and Forest are better. Still in shock, but handling as well as expected.
-Pray for the night time. This is when Grace is in pain, she wants to go home, Amy feels anxiety, no one is around, sleep is needed, etc. etc. etc...Amy's exact words were, "I dread the nights. They are awful." I am setting my alarm at 3am to pray. Please do the same. I am begging you to pray at some point at night.
-Pray that Grace's port starts working tomorrow.
-Amy's dad is traveling back to Houston tomorrow. Safe travels for him....

"Mommy, you will never believe that an Apricot came to our school today and was looking for a pot of gold!!!" I think she meant a leprechaun.
"Mommy, I love Grace. I don't like that hospital. It smells funny and I get nervous."
Paisley is asking lots of questions. She wants to go see Grace every second. They have fun talking.

IS STRESSED. I cannot get into on here, but work is awfully hard right now. Pray that peace and a miracle happens....

I am trying to hold it all together. I have my crying moments, but mostly I am trying to keep the chins up and make things happen....Attitude is key.

I love you all and pray you have a marvelous Friday....



Ford Family said...


P.S. Paisley could take her school picture in a potato sack and still be adorable!!

Misty said...

So sorry to hear about your friends daughter! Praying for Grace, her family, and the medical staff working with her. Take care!