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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today was one of those days that I woke up in a whining mood. I was having a total sob fest for myself. My face is CRAZY broken out right now. And when you call on dermatologists, well, that is NOT a good thing. SO of course, I self medicated on 70 things in my medicine cabinet. Don't judge. I am also trying to make it on 7 hours of sleep a night or less, and have approximately 7,000 things to do everyday.
But then I headed to the hospital to see Grace. When I walked off the elevator, I was greeted by this darling little boy with a slick bald head, no eyebrows, and pale coloring. And he was smiling. Ear to Ear. Because he could walk today and get out of his hospital bed. This is when I LOST IT. As in, I had to go to the bathroom and sob for 15 minutes. And reapply a whole face of make-up. Then I slapped myself in the face. Seriously? What do I have to whine about? Nada. Nothing. Because of these 2 healthy babies above....And I have a job. And a house with a roof. And more clothes than I could ever possibly wear. And no hospital bills. And a husband who loves me unconditionally. The blessings from up above are ENDLESS....Thank you Lord!

Switching gears, Grace had her spinal tap today. Everything went well with no complications, and they should have the test results back tomorrow. Please pray that the cancer is responding to the chemotherapy, and that no more cancer is found. Grace could possibly go home tomorrow and commute back to Vanderbilt for treatment each day. They feel she will be safer and less susceptible to germs and infection at home. So what a praise!!

I took these pictures of the babies on Sunday. I love that they are starting to play together.
Griffin loves to crawl and chase Paisley. He laughs and giggles at her. Paisley has been so sweet to him lately. Makes my heart sooo happy!
And how is this sweet thing gonna be one next Friday?????
He can be such a little drama king! Where does he learn such behavior??? I have no clue! HAHA!!
I love a good hissy fit picture....

He loves that rolling pin. SO funny.
And here is Mr. Griffin in his new red birthday chair from Pottery Barn Kids.

I could just eat him with a spoon!!

Be thankful today. Give thanks for the good things in your life!!

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ash said...

You are so spot on! When we think it's bad, there are others who are truly suffering. I believe the Lord gives us bad days to bring us closer to HIM!