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Monday, May 09, 2011


It was a big weekend at the Goody household. We celebrated Paisley's 4th Birthday on Saturday with Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, and about 35 of her closest friends. It was a great party, and it all went off without a glitch. The only minor issue was the rain that nearly started around 12:45pm. Thank goodness it did not last long and soon the sun came out and it was a beautiful day!!

I cannot say enough great things about Party Belles of Nashville.

These girls were fabulous!! Please give them a call if you need a princess!

Okay, back to the party...I had the princess tables set up in the front yard under a canopy tent. It turned out so cute I decorated in mostly pink and purples, along with princess wands and crowns. I found the pink plastic wine goblets at Party City. They LOVED them!

I also had my dining room set up as "Rapunzel's Tower Dressing Room."

My good friend Erika let me borrow a clothes rack, and I had all of Paisley's princess dresses, gowns, capes, and tiaras present so that the girls could primp and play!

After getting dressed, my good friend Heather and I did their make-up and hair. They thought this was fabulous! It was so cute! I also had iced and pink butter cookies set up for them to eat in the dressing room. We painted nails, used body glitter on their faces, and also applied lip gloss! It was all so cute!

The outside view....

Have you all made paper flowers? They are so easy and supercute!

The Candy Bar...Paisley's favorite part....

Paisley was so excited about the gifts....I made her wait until after the party to open, so she is constantly trying to peak. HA!

And this little muffin was such a Prince Charming. Love those dark eyes! SO sweet!

It was all I could do to keep Paisley out of the candy! HA!

Paisley's Birthday Cake was in the shape of a tower. It was darling!

I love that every picture shows her Hawaiian Punch mustache!

Birthday Cake! It was Strawberry with buttercream frosting...

My good friend Michelle Amnen made this tulle tablecloth for me. It is absolutely precious!

Paisley and Zain, our neighbor, are having a serious conversation!

Playing with Limbo with Rapunzel. They loved all the games!!

Maillie, Hudson, and Camelia

Tinkerbell and Rapunzel singing some songs....Another perk about living in Nashville: Everyone is a singer and these girls were UNreal....Rapunzel's real name is Aly Sutton. Check out her facebook page. I told her to remember us when she is a famous country music singer!

I love the long blonde hair on Rapunzel....Anna and Elizabeth Smith are the cutest sisters. They are major princesses!!

They all had many questions for Tinkerbell and Rapunzel!As in, where is Flynn Rider? Where is Mother Gothel? How did your hair get so long? Absolutely hilarious!

Dancing and playing!

Learning princess moves with Rapunzel.

Tinkerbell and Rapunzel...

Griffin thought Tinkerbell was fabulous!

Lance in his plated armor. The boys got armor, swords, and axes. I also had iced sugar cookies in the shapes of 4's and crowns for take home goodies.

We released Gold Balloons at the end of the party to represent the lanterns in Tangled. They made wishes as the balloons flew in the air (I used biodegradable.) This was the biggest hit of the party! They loved it!!!

Big hugs for happies from mommy. A new Stella and Dot bracelet, a Dora DVD (Dora Haircut), and a Fabulous Gorilla Webkinz.

Opening presents with my besties, Lance and Sarah Carson!

John Nick, one of Paisley's BFFs....

My babies who I do all this for! I love them more than life!

Rapunzel, Ashtyn Claire, and Tinkerbell

I have way more pictures but I will bore you all with these for now!
PS-You know I LOVE comments!!! :) :)


Misty said...

It is all so cute! I love the balloon release creative. See the pics that looked down the street made me sad...I was looking for my house. Ha!

Lori Towns said...

Katie Jane ~ You are the party queen! I love the creativity and spark you seem to put into all you do!

Heather H said...

What a great party! Everything looks so sweet. Love Griffin's shirt. Ha! P.S. The cake pops on your candy bar look amazing!

mom2hope said...

Seriously, you missed your calling! Party planner you should be. Your children are going to have big shoes to fill.

tammie said...

please clone Griff ASAP and send him to me...Oh, and I want him in that "ladies man" t-shirt too:)

Angela said...

Precious, precious, precious! Love every last detail! Your kiddos are the cutest things ever.

Erin said...

Soooo cute!!

Ashley said...

Everything looked great! Awesome job! :)