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Friday, October 21, 2011


We went to the biggest birthday party ever this weekend for our friend Max as he celebrated his 3rd birthday party. His mama outdid herself. She made me look like an amateur! Seriously. It was a county fair theme. And I mean a real actual FAIR with rides and games and the whole nine yards!

My kids had a great time eating! Here is Griffin on his 3rd corn dog. I had to cut him off. He was like a drunk at an open bar wedding.

Paisley was, too. She had approximately 3 helpings of cotton candy. Sorry I didn't get a picture of her. I was trying to keep Griffin away from the real live animals.

SO this party was unreal....

This might be my favorite cake ever. Made with love by Puffy Muffin...

This party was held in Cross Plains, Tennessee on a farm and it was gorgeous...The party guests received empty prize bags and circus hats when you arrived thru the gates and there were about 10 games under individual tents set up, and the kids got to participate in each one for prizes. Under the big tent were tables and chairs and a balloon clown on stilts. He made lots of jokes and balloons. His name was Tiny the Clown.
Down the hill were the rides. Yes, you read that correctly. Actually Tennessee State Fair rides. There was also a motorized train that the kids had so much fun riding. They took them all over the farm and down by the lake. Griffin loved it!

After that, we went to the petting zoo. They had about 50 animals that we got to hold and pet, and at the end they released two doves.

The food was ah-maz-ing. Corn dogs, cotton candy, hot funnel cakes, hamburgers, fries, and cake from Puffy Muffin. They had an actual fair food truck! Unbelievable!

Sorry my pictures aren't better....this party was one for the books!! Thanks so much for inviting us!!


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Jay, Leslie and William said...

Clearly, I'm lacking in the party department, ha!