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Thursday, October 20, 2011


1. I really hate Pinterest. And by hate I mean secretly love. I find myself pinning workouts, then tutorials on how to build furniture, chalk paint it, and then embellish it with a cake stand that I can make with materials from the dollar store, and finally a recipe on Chocolate Rolo Cookies. I am a complete pinterest schizophrenic. I have been to the dollar store about 14 times in the past month. I have made something new for dinner every night (my husband loves it, my grocery bill...not-so-much), and I want a Cricut and a sewing machine for Christmas. Ahhh, the craziness. I need to hurry and write this post because I need to pin a few more tonight. Tee hee. I kid. Not really.

2.I am loving being home with my babies. I love the time we have together everyday. I love the fact that I am reading to my kids in voices and singing and playing crazy games like "Let's-lock- mommy-in-the-closet-and-let-her-open-the-door-and-scare-us" and they laugh until they can't breath. Or "Candy Land", where we play with real candy and it goes from calm to out.of.control. I thought Griffin was eating candy and he was actually eating Lord Licorice. I never did find the rest of the pieces.Who knows where they are? SO we now play with Disney princess figurines and a Chuck E Cheese figurine piece from a birthday loot bag. I just go with it.
And my house is a disaster. No, seriously. It is. Dog prints, footprints on the floor and wall, toys everywhere, and all I do is clean up messes all day and they make another one. And then they eat all day, and then somebody poops. And I clean that up. And usually even change my clothes or his. And then they want to get out colors and markers and crafts. And then they want to go outside. I am not gonna lie...I am a mess. I am so tired by 8:30 I could cry. I live for gym time and outings. Is that bad? It is a different hard...Not deadlines and stress, but just constant nagging. And ohhh, the arguing over stupid toys.HAA. Please don't vote me for Worst Mom Ever. I am trying hard...just an adjustment...
(a picture of Paisley and Grace from Monday)...
3.I have a MAJAH crush on Jimmy Fallon. The End.
4. I have another crush on Daniel from Revenge. Anyone watching that show? OMG. SO good.
5. We leave for Disney in 14 days. YEEEEEEHAWWWWW!!!! How cute is this autograph book I found on Etsy? I love it. I cannot wait for y'all to see all her outfits for everyday. So cute!
6. Griffin watching a movie. A modern day miracle. Thank you Lord Jesus.

7. I am loving Herman Cain. I love that he is unpolished and real. Exactly what I want in a candidate. If you like him, give him a donation. Fridays are $5 Fridays on his website. He needs cash to run this campaign...Help him out if you like him. And PS-Don't leave me hate comments if you don't like him.
8. Who is ready for November 18th? I heart Jacob.
9. Walden Farms opened the pumpkin patch early for Grace Monday and me and Pais went and played with her. That is the nicest pumpkin patch in Nashville!! Thanks Heather and your staff for your generous hospitality. Check out Walden Farms!!
10. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

PS-SO many prayer requests right now....
1)Brenda Clark (my BFF Cara's mother) is suffering from pancreatic cancer. Please pray for her.
2) Grace is in isolation right now. She had a good report this week but they are all tired and stir crazy. Keep them in your prayers, also.
3) Sawyer Dykman is a sweet baby who just received a kidney transplant from his dad, Matt. There is a link on my blog to his family's page, The Dykman Family
4) Praying for my sweet friend Kim as she and her family are preparing to adopt a sweet baby girl
5) Praying for The Smith Family as they are adopting their 6th child, a little boy from Ethiopia named Eli.

Please leave any prayer requests you might have. I will certainly pray for them...


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Shelli said...

I could have written so many of your random thoughts for myself... especially Daniel... YUM! i LOVE that show! And the Pinterest thing... I have to set a timer some days... so SAD! Hang in there on the SAHM thing... it doesn't get easier... but you do get used to it! HA!

Prayers going up for your friends!