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Monday, October 03, 2011


This bag is HAWT! I love Fossil this year. Lotsa great stuff. And Lucky, too!!

How true is this? I pat myself on the back every time we pull out of the driveway!!!

And this I already ordered! HA!

And crepe paper chandeliers? Yes, please!!!

And spice racks from Ikea for book shelves.

And this is my inspiration for my bedroom!
And I bought this dress yesterday from Kohl's. I LOVE it!

And how true is this?

And this yummy fall salad recipe?

And for your next spa party, a head made out of guacamole!!

And contact paper painted with chalkboard paint for wine and cheese!!!

And Tarte mascara is supposedly wonderful! Who knew?

And boot socks? I so want some!!




Jay, Leslie and William said...

I have made that autumn salad at least 4 times now. Slap yo mama good.

Sparkles N' Sports said...

I am addicted and absolutely looooove Pinterest. I need to look you up, what's your user ID? Mine is lavishbliss. I haven't seen the guacamole facial thing. I'm sure that would make for a lot of laughs at a party!