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Sunday, April 03, 2011


I apologize for being MIA this past week!

My sweet Griffin turned ONE and we had a massive blowout! No, not a diaper.....


And not just any party for my boy, but a PAW-TY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made this wreath in honor of our puppy theme! A sweet little boy (GRIFFIN) pulled the soccer ball off, so that is why it is dangling.

I had so much fun planning his paw-ty. Below is a picture of the invitation. The invitation was made by PlanBdsigns and can be found in Etsy.
For my children's first birthday, I invite family and close friends, and I feed everyone. This party is really for adults and to take pictures to one day show Griffin...I know he won't remember, but I do! Ha! And I cannot wait to tell him how much fun we had!
Crystal Lite Lemonade in my canister from Wal-Mart! I love this thing!
Stephen helped me build this dog house for all the children to play in. We had fun making it!
The kitchen spread, I cannot believe I did not get a close-up of the plates. They were custom made with stickers that had Griffin's name on them! I made the digital file, had OfficeMax print them on adhesive paper, and cut them out with a circle cutter. Very tedious, but oh so cute!
And here is BIG SISTER! She wore a darling dress made by Momi Boutique, which can also be found on Etsy. It was SOOOOO cute! I was so pleased. The detail of this dress was stellar. I will be ordering from her again.
I decorated with lots of dogs, including Paisley's collection of Love On A Leash purses. Those puppies are actually purses, and I just removed the straps. So cute!
I printed about 100 pictures that I have taken of Griffin over the last year (I took close to 1,000. How crazy is that???) and had them ALL over my house in different variations.
I used heavy cardstock to make a fun frame on the back, simply held together with an old school glue stick. I used zigzag shears and also added some fun dog ribbon.
I absolutely loved all the photos!!!
I found this darling pinata at Factory Card and Party Store. He made a dog-gone good centerpiece. I also had a doggy mix of music playing that featured Hound Dog by Elvis Presley and Who Let The Dogs Out? We also had Beverly Hills Chihuahua playing on the big screen.

I found this large "G" letter at Joann. I dressed it up by adding a coat of red paint.
This 12 month banner was my favorite decoration. I found this on Etsy and the shop name was AnyGoodIdeas custom made it to go with my theme. She was superfast in printing and mailing!!
I used a circle cutter (found at Joann's) and cut out a picture of every month.
It is so fun to see how much he has grown!
I also found dog bowls at the local DollarTree and set them on upside down bowls and trifles to make them have height.
My mother and I made Oreo Truffles and added these darling little picks to the top!! We found the picks on E-bay!!
I also had Doggie Bags for the adults and humans. These treats were gourmet milk bones for the doggies, and I made bone sugar cookies for the guests!
Close up of the Oreo Truffles.
I also found this GREAT idea on Kara's Party Ideas Website! You can use this fancy nancy duct tape (found at office stores or Joann's) that I used to wrap my water bottles in! SO much cuter than a generic label!!
And this was the cake that I LOVE. Big. Poufy. HEART. LOVE.
It tastes as good as it looks!!!
And Griffin's smash cake!
I used cocoa flavored CocoaRoos for faux dog food. This was the HIT of the party!!! The kids loved it!!!
I found some really cute scrapbook stickers/labels at Joann's (my new favorite store) and made some really cute food picks for the table spread.
How much cuter does this make BBQ?
Pulled pork and BBQ Spare Ribs
Cheddar muffins....

I donned two plain tables with some fancy red tablecloths so the adults would have a place to sit and eat. I also bought a disposable helium tank that worked great!!!
I also rented two kids tables and chairs so they could have a place to sit, also.
Sweet Friends!

Griffin's Birthday present from mommy and daddy!

A Family Portrait.....the closest we can get!! ha!
THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!! His shirt was made by Goochie out of Madison, Mississippi.
She made the cutest shorts to match, but it was a bit too cold! So we opted with jeans and Chuck Taylors.
He was so chilled and easy going!
He LOVED his cake!!!
This was my favorite photo! I could eat him!!!
I loved this shirt. This was his outfit change. LOL.
I could eat this face!!!!
Griffin and Papaw!!
New chair from Pottery Barn Kids...
Gracyn and Paisley opened all of his gifts since he was too tired! HA! Yeah right. They were so excited to rip open the gifts.

I cannot believe my baby is ONE! I love him more and more with each passing day. I do ALL of this for my kiddos, they are my life!! I feel very blessed to have two healthy babies! Thanks for looking at all my pictures and I will be back tonight with the winners from March and lots of updates!! Happy Birthday Muffin!! Mommy LOVES YOU!!!! XOXO KJ

PS-If you leave a comment, there might be a giveaway.....


mom2hope said...

KJ - you missed your calling - you should be a party planner. Wow! Over the top! Sensational! What a great 1st bday paw-ty. love it. Your kids are going to have big shoes to fill one day. Love watching them grow up through FB and your blog.

Amy U.

Bo Maurer said...

Katie Jane- You always amaze me! Your kids crack me up and I enjoy following your blog! You always have so much energy! Hope you have a great week!

- Bo McNair Maurer

Janet's said...

Katie Jane:
I just thought I went all out when Mike was little! Can I steal these ideas? Tristan will be 2 and this would be great for his pary. I love reading your blog!

JPAmom said...

What a cute party!!! 2 paws up!

Lisa Clark said...

Wow! What a fabulous paw-tay:) You should be a party planner instead of a drug dealer. Ha!!

Angela said...

PRECIOUS!!! Love every single detail. Very thoughtful.

autumn said...

Great job!!!

Erin said...

Love it! Girl, you went all out! Will you come plan my next party?? Lol

Heather H said...

LOVE the puppy dog theme. And Paisley's dress is darling! Looks like you all had a blast! P.S. Double heart love that Griffin had an outfit change!

Kim said...

Love it! His cake was adorable. And his shirt is fabulous. Sorry we missed!

ash said...

You did such a FABULOUS job on the party! Please call my husband and plan my 30th with him, he needs help! love you, ash

Rebecca said...

Looks like a fine paw-tay. You did a great job.
I'm surprised you've just discovered Joann's. Sign up for their advertisements, good discounts.

Ashley said...

great details! You did such a fantastic job! :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute party! Looks like so much fun!
Laura Gibson

Val said...

Aww, what an adorable party!!!

Catherine said...

Great party! I swear you and Rana have 36 hours in your days! How do you get it ALL done???? =)

-Lucky Mommy- said...

What an adorable party!!! Everything looks fabulous! So creative :)

Glitter Glenn said...

Oh my! That cake was precious! It looks like griff had an amazing day. I just have to know, was there any puppy chow involved?!

amy said...

love love love the 12 month banner....precious pawty!