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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Monday, I celebrated my 30th Birthday!! Wowzers. I am so old! I am trying to embrace it! HAHA! Anyways, my best girlfriends planned a spectacular soiree in my honor, complete with a Barbie theme.
We started with manis and pedis at the Venetian Nail Salon in Nashville. This is definitely my mothership. HA! We had such a good time getting excited about our upcoming night of festivities! Afterwards, we had a caravan to the downtown Nashville Hilton for a night of FUN!
Here are my besties before all the primping....
Becky and Brooke getting all dolled up. We had about 12 straighteners and a complete MAC store between two suites and 10 girls. HA!

Becky and Brooke

All my smoking HAWT friends. Can you believe all except two of us have 2 children a piece? Who says mommies can't look GOOD?!

Next was on to Virago, a great sushi spot in dowtown off of Division. We had such a great time!
Check out my Barbie cake made out of strawberry cake and cream cheese icing. SO delicious. From Homestyle Bakery.

My friends Amy D, Alexis, and Joshua S. Joshua hooked us up for the night. He owns a great restaurant called The Standard. You should DEFINITELY check it out!

My BFF Amy HH and Brooke.

The Vietnamese Justin Timberlake and some boy who SWORE he was 23. He looks like he is 18. Or maybe I am just getting old. If he saw my strect marks on my stomach, he would have ran the other way! HA!

Late night dancing at MAI
Alexis, Kelly, Amy, and Erin.

We had such a FUN night and I love my sweet girlfriends. They truly are my Nashville family.
Thanks for an unforgettable 30th birthday!!


Mica said...

Happy birthday to YOU! 30 is pretty swell :)

Mica said...

haha love "The Vietnamese Justin Timberlake"!!
And that other guy does look y-o-u-n-g

Carrie said...

What a fun night! I want to come have a fun night soon....I miss my home #2!

SnLStrawder09 said...

I have always loved Barbie and your cake was AWESOME!