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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I love this Old Navy onesie for my MVP Griff... Goldfish S'mores are a staple at the Goody household!
Y'all know hwo much I LOVE Robeez and Etsy. Aren't these monograms shoes cute? You can get them in many fonts and LOTS of color combinations!

Stephen bought Paisley these precious ballet flats for fall (GO DADDY-O)...I think they are so cute and she LOVES them already. From BabyGap...

These are all a few new things from BabyGap's fall collection...

How cute is this Juicy Couture blanket for a newborn princess? From Neiman Marcus.

Next are a few items from Old Navy's fall line....tutu cute for words!!

And these are about the cutest most swagger thing ever....Griff needs these high top Burberry's. From Neimans, also.
This shirt is way too appropriate for Paisley. The girl LOVES her candy!!
And last but not least, how cute is this Kaiya Eve skirt for a first birthday party?! Also from Neiman Marcus.
Happy Shopping!!


Mica said...

These tutus are the sweetest thing ever!

Lesley said...

Goldfish smores?? What? I'm just getting over the pretzel M&Ms!!! Love them! And love the shoes...especially the purple "Haley" one!

Carrie said...

You know me....monogram queen. Where were these Robeez when Livie was a baby? LOVE!

Emily said...

I am going to look up the monogram robeez now!! Also, Sweet CC's is amazing but if you live in Nolensville, Menchies is the place to be!