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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This is just a random post of all the things going thru my crazy head!

-Today I took cupcakes to a few different offices. I went to this place called Muddy's in Memphis. It is located off of Sanderlin for you local folks. These cupcakes were ridiculous. The chocolate on chocolate are called Prozac. How appropriate. I went to the counter and tried to order 4 dozen. They told me the limit was 36. WHAT?! I am in the wrong business. There were probably 15 people behind me ordering, too.

-I am having a hard time giving up all carbs. I do really well with some things, but when it comes to macaroni or garlic bread, mmmmm not-so-much.

-I went to Target this aftenoon and noticed a poster for Lauren Weisberger's new novel. She is SUCH a great writer. I can't wait for this one.

-My cousin's (the cousin who got married in June-you all remember the 5,000 pictures I posted-ha!) father-in-law, Lonnie Bailey, filmed scenes as an extra in "The Help" this week in Greenwood, Mississippi. He played a postal clerk. How fun is that? I love to hear that they cast all the locals. If you haven't red The Help by Kathryn Stockett, you should pick it up. It is a great read.

-I told y'all this post was random. Don't you LOVE Barbara Jean on Reba? She cracks me up! I think this is a really funny show! I also love The Cosby Show and Everybody Loves Raymond. Why aren't sitcoms funny anymore? I love the re-runs. But NOTHING tops my Golden Girls!

-Speaking of TV, I watched The Bachelorette Tell All last night. I am pulling for Chris. He is HAWT and would make a great husband! I also like Roberto. She has two great choices!!! However, I think the proposals are ridiculous. That takes the cheese to a whole new level!

-Another show I LOVE is Jersey Couture! Hilarious! Do the Booty Bop Bop BOP!!!

-How cute is this backpack? I found it at BabyGap ....Paisley is just like her mama. She likes the glitter, too.

-And last, I found this cute dress at JC Pennys. It is perfect for summer.

Love you all and hope you are having a great Tuesday!
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Ford Family said...

I'm going to see Kathryn Stockett and the cast of the movie next Saturday night in Greenwood!! So excited!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know they were making a movie of The Help! I need to add that book to my iPad and read it!! : )

tammie said...

you mentioned some things in this post that I feel compelled to comment on, mainly because they are off of my food list right now due to WW and I cannot control portions: cupcakes...OMG!!! Those things look so fine and I'm thinking I could use some Prozac right now with a big, cold glass of skim milk (a girl has to cut calories where she can) and macaroni and garlic bread. I think I could live off of those 3 things. The only problem is that I would be as big as one side of a house. Thanks for the virtual buffet:)

Lauren Tomlinson said...

Have you had a Gigi's cupcake. they are based out of either Nashville or Memphis. So yummy!!

Kim said...

Love the JCP dress, which cracks me up because I always make fun of my mother shopping at JCP and tell her that it's a store for old people. . . yet I always find something there.

And I wanted to eat the mac and cheese off of the computer screen.