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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I have been CRAZY busy with work, kids, the husband, LIFE!! Anyways, here are some things in Nashville I have just discovered and am loving.
Swanky's Taco Shop is a GREAT hidden gem in Cool Springs. There is also one located in Germantown (a suburb of Memphis.) Let's be honest: I have never met a Chip and Salsa that I don't love. But not everyone can make guacamole. Um, Swanky's hits a home run in Guac department. They also have GREAT fish tacos. And the best part: They have fried cheescake. That is to die for! Yummy!!
PS- And the name is Swanky's. You know I love that.

The next place that definitely deserves a mention is Sweet Cece's...

Sweet Cece's has 3 locations...One is in historic downtown Franklin, Belle Meade, Hillsboro Village (Vanderbilt area), and coming soon is Brentwood (yay!), and Flowood, Mississippi.

This is the creamiest frozen yogurt!! They have all kinds of delicious flavors, and you make your own creations. Then you add the toppings. They have probably 1,000 to choose from!!

You will NOT regret a visit to Sweet Cece's! Your kids will also LOVE this place!

Another great place is Blush (located in Brentwood by Target and in Belle Meade by Publix.) They have the cutest dresses, accessories, shoes, bags...everything I LOVE! HA!
Check it out....

Above are the most delicious gourmet popsicles by a company called Las Paletas. They are located on 12th South in Nashville. This place gets some MAJA national press. Every magazine you skim through, Las Paletas gets a mention. They also have been featured on Food Network.
My favorite are the chocolate and peanut butter. They are killer.

And finally, The place I am the most excited about is Burger Up. This place is ridonkulous. These are the best burgers on earth. And even though I don't eat much red meat, the meat is all from grass fed cattle, raised locally in Williamson County. They also have fabulous Turkey, Salmon, and Crab Cake burgers.
BUT the best part.....the french fries in truffle oil.
Holy. Smokes.
Please run quickly to Burger Up.
You won't be sorry.
I hope you enjoy Nashville as much as I do!


Sally said...

i love all this dish on nashville - you are keeping me up to date since i am not there anymore. sniff sniff.

ok, sounds like waco needs a burger up. seriously.

Kim said...

How is it possible that out of all of these places I've only been to Swankys? Do I really live in Nashville?! I want to go to Las Paletas right now, and it's 6:03 a.m. Is that a problem?

Ansleighsmom said...

love swankys chicken bowl and sweet ceces is awesome! my daughter also loves it!

Mica said...

The next time I'm in Nashville I'll be looking these places up!