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Sunday, January 02, 2011


Christmas 2010 was absolutely wonderful! We had a great time in Mississippi at my parents house. We arrived on Thursday and left on Wednesday. It was so nice to have some extended family time. Here are some pictures of my family....There are lots....sorry :)

This is Isabella (my sister's youngest) and Paisley eating Chicken Spaghetti...

My beautiful niece Anna Blaire...

Me and sister's oldest and the definite "GRAND son!" haha...

We had a gingerbread contest on Thursday and I lost! The pre-assembled ones are the way to go! We had a giant mess with ours!

My daddy and Griffin!

My hot mess of a gingerbread house!

Miss much drama...maybe I can beat it out of her (I kid, I kid)....

The family....

Paisley was more into eating candy than anything! HA!
On Christmas Eve, my daddy and I took the kids to the nursing home to see my grandmother.
I think it did her so much good to see the babies. Sometimes she has good days and bad days, but this particular day was a really good one. My daddy is the middle of 7 kids...I always ask her about parenting and how she kept her sanity? 7= suicide.

Look out Hollywood....

Family time is time well spent...

Thursday night we had a Happy Birthday Jesus party. Paisley asked me where was the bouncy and when was Jesus coming? I had LOTS to explain about! But we did have a wonderful time and my mama makes THE BEST yellow cake with chocolate icing that you have ever tasted...I could eat my weight in it!

Paisley and Izzy equals TROUBLE!!

Finally time for SANTA! I left him wine instead of milk....poor Santa probably needed it!

Griffin's loot....

And Paisley' consisted of LOTS of Barbie stuff and the hit of it all was the
Barbie Vet Center...

Her favorite toy...

The Rapunzel tower was also a big hit!

Babes in Toyland....Thank you God for blessing us with this RIDICULOUS amount of toys and gifts!

This picture speaks 1,000 words...I love that precious face and the excitement!!

She was sooo excited!!

Time for lunch!!!

We had an incredible meal prepared by my mama and Aunt Susan....Ribeyes, pork tenderloin, potato gouda casserole, butter beans, squash casserole, wild rice, green bean bundles, coconut cake, pecan pie, and the list goes and on and on....

I love this picture....I love my sweet daddy...

I have enjoyed my mama and daddy's new house so much!!

One of Paisley's favorite gifts was this Tickle Time Kitty given by my sister! My sister always finds the best gifts!!

My sweet Griffin....he loved opening gifts!!!

Aren't these boots cute? I gifted my sweet niece Anna Blaire with these from Justice! SO cute!!

Paisley LOVED her Glam jet from Gigi!!

Paisley and my cousin Julianne!!

Playing and visiting!!!
We had such a great time! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, also!!


Kim said...

1. Shut your mouth that Santa left a note on an iPad for those children. I. Love. It. And wish I had thought of it.

2. I love your parents' house. LOVE it.

3. P's attitude is priceless. I wonder where she gets it?

Katie said...

The exposed brick in your parents' living room is GORGEOUS!