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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1. I lost 3.2 pounds at WW this week! GO ME! Total weight loss is 9.4...and it is hard. I am not gonna lie. I like to eat! LOL. But I will get there this time. I heard this great quote by Jillian Michaels..."Why choose to fail if success is the other option?" LOVE THIS...Might have to print this one out and stick it on my dash!
2. Please pray for my friend and former co-worker, Belinda. Belinda lives is DFW area. She delivered triplets thru IVF 2 years ago, and one of her daughters had a very rare disease caused Leigh's Syndrome. She died Sunday as Belinda held her in her arms...She would have been 2 in February....Please pray for this sweet family....Only the power and grace of God Himself could help me make it everyday if I lost a child...
3. Please also pray for my BFF in the whole world, Cara. Her mother was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer and is in tons of pain. Please pray for this sweet family.
4. Blogger friends, I hope you know Jesus. I am not a holly roller by any sense of the word. I don't care where or what religion you are. I don't care if you dance in the aisles or listen online. I dont care if you drink, smoke, party, etc..I just want to make sure you all know Christ. If you don't, Google John 3:16 and pray that sinner's prayer. God is real and at the end of this life, He is the ONLY thing that matters...I want you all to be in eternity with me....Amen.
5. My children have both been sick for what seems like weeks and months, but really it has just been a week. Griffin is about to kill me. But oh, he's sweet..pray that this plague of RSV/viral puking and snot will leave the Goody household...
6. Planning 2 birthday parties=happy face for mama.
7. Reading a great book triology...The Mark of The Lion by Francine Rivers. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!!
That is all for now!! I hope it is sunny at your house. It is raining and 37 degrees here. YUCK!

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Beth McC. said...

I love that quote! Thanks for posting that today because I really needed to read that today!