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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here are some goals for 2010:

1. Be back in a size 8 after this baby. I am gonna have 60 pounds to loose. I will be honest. I LOVE food. So I am trying to love healthy food and be a good healthy cook. Which means fresh vegetables (without butter), lots of fruit, water, less Diet Cokes, no casseroles, and trying to stay out of the middle of the grocery store where Little Debbie lives! Not only do I want to be healthier, but I want my husband to be also. He is having problems with his blood pressure, so I am trying to help him out as well.
2. Stay on a budget. We have been through Dave Ramsey twice and know how to do this. And we don't have credit cards. But the key to Dave Ramsey is living off of a budget. We do this pretty well, but we fail BIG TIME in the savings department. We do 401K and IRA's , but just plain old savings. One day, I am considering staying home and I just know we need to be more conscious of this. I am also trying to remember my coupons, only buy what I need, and sell on E-bay and Craig'sList.
3. Recycle. We have never done this but always say we want to. I want some can, paper, and plastic bins for our garage. Th Goodies definitely need to do our part.
4. Pay it Forward and Help others. This is something I love doing, but lots of times, work and life just get in the way. There are so many opportunities within our community to help. I want Paisley and Griffin growing up knowing how important it is to give back. My sister does a very good job of this, so I am turning to her for advice!
5. Have fun! Life is too short to work or worry it away!! I am a BIG believer in having as much FUN as possible, whether it is working,swimming, dancing, playing, jumping, and just acting silly!! I love days when there is nothing on the agenda! Hopefully, 2010 will have some of those in store!!
PS- What are your goals?


Sally said...

love these!!! you go girl. i honestly haven't stopped and thought about my 2010 goals..i need to!

Rachel Osborne said...

You are more than capable of every single one of these goals! These were my exact goals a few yrs ago and now they are just second nature to me.

We went to Dave Ramsey also. I decided to open a savings acct to put money into when we sold something--anything, big or small, from the house. (We do eBay as well; and garage sales in warmer weather). We haven't touched that acct in FIVE YEARS! I'm not sure what we're saving for, but with a baby girl due in April, yeah, you see where this is going. Ha ha!

Recycling is so much easier than everyone thinks! It drives my husband nuts but I feel like I'm doing my part. Now I have a hissy if someone throws a can or bottle in the 'garbage'. I have one bag or less of garbage every week. Just about everything is recyclable.

I'm sure you know about this, but I have eSaver coupons. The coupons are downloaded straight to my store card (i.e. Kroger). I can use these digital coupons and paper coupons simulataneously, so sometimes I get double even triple discounts! Even if it's $.50 I have a hissy if it's not used and could have been! Check into eSaver.

I make one donation to a woman and childrens shelter ONCE a month. I'm not sure where all of this 'junk' in my house comes from, I swear it multiplies, but if I can help someone else, I will and I do.

Anyhoo, hope this is inspirational and/or helpful. Don't know why I stated all of the above, lol, but maybe somebody else needed to see it.

Happy New Year! :)

Anna said...

Those are GREAT goals! And if you're selling any of those pretty girl clothes on ebay or craigslist, let me know first! :)

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog. I am a friend of Kim's and have been reading for a while. Your daughter is very cute and I love your style!

Anne Laura said...

Hi Katie, YOU ARE FABULOUS and I love your blog !!! I can't stop laughing :) What about the chihuahua with long blonde hair !!! I am dyin' over that !!!!!!!!!!