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Thursday, January 07, 2010


This picture above sums up about how wild we got!! HA!!
Is it really TWENTY TEN??? I can't believe it!! My times have changed!! Going out seems like so much work! Ha! Instead, we had dinner with some of our bestest couple friends at Emil's in Tullahoma, Tennessee (which is about an hour south and east of Nashville). We had a 5 course meal that was incredible. Afterwards, we headed to Tim Ford's Lake to Jeff and Amy's lake house. We rang in the New Year with wine, snacks, and watching poor Dick Clark. I felt so sorry for him! We woke up around 9am Friday morning and had a yummy breakfast. The boys watched football and the girls sat around and talked and read glossy magazines. We basically were enjoying being childless for 18 hours or so! HA!
Here are some pics from our very exciting weekend (I KID)!!
Amy Dobyns, ME, and Lacey!
Joey, Stephen, and Jeff
Lacey and Amy
Stephen is about to explode with excitement!!

Hope you all had a great New Years!!

1 comment:

Sally said...

ya'll are so cute and can make ANYTHING and ANYPLACE so fun! Miss ya'll!!