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Saturday, January 23, 2010


This pregnancy has felt so different from Paisley. I feel like I have been one big emotional mess, my skin has been broken out constantly, and I felt so much pressure in my lower stomach. I do feel much better this go around knowing what to expect as far as delivery (I am a scheduled C-section), nursing, and that sheer fact that pregnancy only lasts 9 months. And that if I gain 60 pounds like last time, it is going to take me 2 years to get it off!! HA!

I am so excited about having a sweet boy and trying to figure out what to do with him. Thank goodness I like sports! Maybe we will have that in common. I also could be interested in hunting if I had to be. Star Wars is a stretch!! Seriously, I really don't care much about his interests, as long as he has some! I feel we are pretty easygoing in that department!

Now, onto my cravings! This pregnancy has definitely been about the vegetables and the salty more than the sweets. Right here at the end, I have started craving some sweet stuff! I feel like I could eat at Jason's Deli everyday!!

And what about those Gingerbread muffins at Jason's Deli!? Yummy!!!
My other craving has been Sonic. I can't tell you how many days I have eaten Jalepeno Poppers from Sonic and washed them down with a Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper. For breakfast!
Then last, but certainly not least, my other craving has been cookies. And not just any cookies, The Great American Cookies from the mall. The doozies!!!
What did you crave while you were preggo?


Sally said...

you are too cute! first off, don't worry about boys...they are just so laid back and low maintenance!!! you'll be fine and can still have your super girlie princess to love on...the best of both worlds!!

i too craved more salty than sweet this last pregnancy... fried okra from this amazing fried chicken place here in waco! :) ahhh, so unhealthy. hee hee...

i know...thank goodness pregnancy is temporary huh?? hang in there, you are almost done!! :)

The Miller's Blog said...

The first pregnancy I craved cinnamon pop tarts and milk. That's all I wanted.
Second pregnancy (this is going to sound terrible) but I craved an ice cold beer. I don't even like beer!!! I guess a part of it was I knew I couldn't have it. Strange, I know. But don't worry, I didn't consume any beer. But I would wake up at night wanting one. Pregnancy does weird things to one's mind AND body. LOL

Rachel Osborne said...

Fresh strawberries & pears, chocolate milk, white milk and cookies!! Yep, yep... terrible. I know. At least she got some strawberries in there.

Anna said...

I crave the doozies EVERY day! They are so delicious! Yum!