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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was web surfing tonight and found these cute clothes and shoes that I just love!!!
(Just an FYI, this is why I will ALWAYS have to work.)
Dressing my babies is just too much fun.
Something about buying shoes in a mini size makes me so happy!! ha!

Can't you see Chuck wearing this?!!
LOVE these little deck shoes for church!!!
Some cross trainers!!
Sweet little kicks!!!

Boy clothes are like searching for buried treasure. It is so FREAKIN' hard to find cute boy clothes, but when I find them I get all giddy!! With Paisley, I went completely overboard. I will admit, I am being choosy this go around. I am not really into themes, so I am having to search high and low. Below are a few things I have bought:
E-bay purchase
Some burp cloths from Etsy
LOVE this preppy clip!! Etsy

And an Argyle gown! How Chuck Bass is this? Also from Etsy.

Ok, I will stop now.
I am so bad. But I want him to be cute! I can't wait to dress him!!!

1 comment:

Anna said...

I LOVE dressing them! It's an addiction!