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Sunday, January 24, 2010


We had such a fun Saturday!! Cleaned house somewhat, worked on POTTY TRAINING (what a pain), went to the circus, and finished the day by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Whew!!
Potty Training is hard work! Paisley does great at home, but when we go out, not so much. However, she did poop on the potty this morning which makes me so happy! Hopefully she will keep it up!! She also knows how to work the system...she expects CANDY when she goes! She is already my little saleswoman!!
Saturday morning consisted of washing sheets, doing an expense report, and also making a grocery list for this week and next since I am going out of town to San Diego next week. Just normal Saturday stuff. Nothing too exciting.
But then we headed downtown to the Sommet Center and went to the Ringling Brothers circus (I will post our circus pics separately) and had so much fun. Stephen and I are trying to eat better so we skipped junk food at the circus (except for popcorn and M&M's...thanks to my BFF AHH, I can't eat popcorn without them), and headed to The Cheesecake Factory for some yummy salads. Except I didn't get a salad. I had grilled shrimp instead that was delicious!! HA!
We had to wait an hour and a half (which is RIDICULOUS) but I do LOVE this place!!
While we were waiting, Paisley and I headed to Baby Gap to do some shopping for her! She picked out some skinny jeans,two dresses, some ballet flats, and some Robeez for baby brother. All was 20% off then an additional 40% off of sale items! I LOVE me a Baby Gap sale!!! Afterwards, we headed to Tiffany's to look at charms and Louis Vuitton to daydream about bags. Paisley LOVED her some Louie. Let me show you what she picked out:
It's a real good thing her daddy likes to work! He is in BIG TROUBLE!!
Hope you had a great weekend!!

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The Miller's Blog said...

I think Daddy being in big trouble is an understatement. You might have already created a monster!!!! LOL She sure is a precious one, though.