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Friday, January 29, 2010

The One Hundred by Nina Garcia

Many of you know that I am a HUGE follower of Project Runway
(a great show by the way if you don't watch it...I am a big fan of the DVR so that way I can just fast forward through the 500 commercials.) Nina Garcia is one of the judges of this show, and also one of the editors of Marie Claire. She is so graceful and charming. I LOVE her!! If you don't buy any other books this year, you have to get this one! You can go here and get it for next to nothing. I LOVE to give this book as a birthday present OR just as a HAPPY because it is a great resource to have about clothing and accessories. I am all about buying things that will take me throughout seasons and that I can have in my wardrobe for many many years.
It teaches you how to be trendy with the inexpensive and spend your money on the things that will last you a lifetime!
The lovely Nina Garcia
Fashion by Ruben Toledo
Katie Jane

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