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Friday, January 29, 2010


Well, we started out with nothing on Friday around 11:00am this morning....
Then moved on to this around 2:30pm
So were predicted to have a Winter Storm tonight and tomorrow, with around 3-5 inches. Now it is 10 inches!!! That is ALOT of snow for Nashville! This entire city was a little hesitant because the last time they predicted this much snow, it never came! Well honey it came today!!! It has been crazy but fun! The bad part is my husband is stuck about an hour from our house in a hotel in Tullahoma and cannot get home. They closed down portions of our interstate today, so he is stranded. Thank goodness there is a Cracker Barrel next door so hopefully they will feed him!! I decided this morning (before I knew all this) that I would cook a big dinner, thinking we would be snowed in tonight!! HA! So much for those plans. I made some Slow Cooker Pork Chops and rice and a Banana Bread Cobbler that were both delicious. I got the recipes out of my February Southern Living.
I will post the recipes separately.
They both turned out yummy and not hard at all!! Your stomach will thank me!

So I am completely full and going to bed soon...
(Paisley went down at 5:00pm. Might be a new record for her!! )
And here we are tonight with snow still coming down at 9:45pm...insane!!
It is still going strong with ice and sleet!!!
I am guessing we are at 3-4inches by the looks of things!!
Have a great night!! I will take more pictures tomorrow of us playing in the white stuff!!!

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