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Friday, January 29, 2010


In case you didn't know, I am a Mississippi girl through and through. I love my sweet tea, decorating, warm weather, front porch, and most of all some good food. You can look at my rear and tell that. I think life is too short to eat gross food (or Yankee food as I like to call it. That is meant to be a joke since I married an Ohio boy). Us deep south folks think anything above Memphis is considered the North! Ha! Anyway, since I am craving all kinds of food right now, I wanted to tell you about my favorite places in Jackson, Mississippi where I am from.

1. Jerry's Catfish House in Florence, Mississippi. If you are ever heading up I-49, you need to stop by this place. It is RIDONKULOUS in the words of my husband. It is nothing fancy, but the best food you have ever put in your mouth!! It seriously has the best food on earth! You get hushpuppies, fillet or whole catfish, cole slaw, and the best fried dill pickles EVER. And who could forget sweet tea??? It is the best!!

2. Kiefer's in Jackson, Mississippi. This place is right off of Fortification Street on I-55. It is the best southern version of Greek you have ever tasted. I have found nothing in Nashville that even compares. They have this dip called feta dip. I could literally turn up that souffle cup and eat it straight!! They have yummy vinegar cucumbers, salads, and the gyro's. My favorite is the chicken yavne. And the potato waffle fries. SOOOOO good. This is probably my first stop on my way home from Nashville. My family knows we will be eating here at least once while I am home!

3. And last but not least, The Elite in downtown Jackson. We have been eating here my entire life. This is a family owned business for 30-40 years probably. They have these homeade rolls that are so hot and gooey and they bring this come back sauce to dip on them. Oooooh weee, it is good!! And they serve bottle Diet Coke's in little glasses with crushed ice. It is the best! We always get the Veal Cutlet, the brown gravy, the salads, and the Spaghetti and Meatballs. If you EVER go through Jackson, this place is a MUST. It is by far, one of the things I miss most about Mississippi.

A couple of others:
4. The best furniture stores EVER! (The Mill Store)
5. And home accessories store (most people in Mississippi know how to decorate, VERY WELL)
6. Brent's Drug Store (an original soda fountain with homeade pimento cheese that is SO good).
7. Ole Miss and the Grove. Whether or not you cheer for the Rebels, the grove is southern tradition at its finest. As my husband (the Ohio State Buckeye) once said, "Y'all might not win football games, but y'all know how to cook and tailgate. And make things pretty."
8. Bridgette's Monograms (which is the cheapest place I have EVER found to get monograms done in my life!!")
9. The nicest, most hospitable people on Earth.
10. And the greatest FAMILY ever!! I miss y'all so much!! MWAH!
PS- I did NOT forget The Canton Flea Market, Bops Katies Crunch, PopFizz, The Mill Store, Two Rivers, Roosters, Little Tokyo, and The State fair!! I know I am leaving some stuff girls will have to help me remember!!! What's your favorite thing in Mississippi???


The Miller's Blog said...

HAHA. I love it, Katie Jane!!!! And I'm sad to say the last time I ate at Jerry's was when I was around 5 years old and Bro. Clayton and Mrs. Mary (better known as my beloved grandparents!) rented a limo and we ate there. I live less than 3 miles from there and have yet to eat there in the 5 years we have lived in Florence!!! Sad, I know. But, we have tried to eat there and every time we go,the line is out the door! So, we settle for Berry's right down the highway. :-)

JustAskBob said...

Did you know that Brent's has been replaced ? nice sandwich shop there now with the counter still in place.

the best restaurants are run by little greek guys and the one on right off of northside and 55n has the best veal I have ever eaten although I do like the Elite , I just dont get downtown very often

keep em coming . !