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Saturday, January 16, 2010


Ok, so am I a bad mother? I refuse to have a Dora party (there is just nothing cute) and the fact that we have 3 birthday parties in the next two weeks which are all at Pump It Up, I have made the executive decision that we will wait and have Paisley's party at the end of May/first of June. Her birthday is April 29th, so this will just be a month afterwards.
Paisley has helped me and she liked the idea of a swimming party. So we are going to have a Mermaid Swimming Party. Hopefully, we can rent Amy HH's clubhouse and have it there. That is what I am planning right now. I am so excited about this!! I cannot wait!!
Here are some of the ideas I have found online already:
How cute are these turquoise cups? I LOVE IT!!
Look how cute these hot dogs are as Octupus'? I LOVE it! They are swimming on a bed a seaweed!

Mermaid balloons floating in the pool...TOO CUTE!

Ok, so now that we have our theme, we have to get busy! I LOVE planning parties!!
Nothing makes me happier!!!


Kim said...

No, you are not a bad mama. A Dora party sucks and is so not your style. I love a mermaid party. And you could do a REALLY cute cake for a mermaid party. I have a great cake connection for you! ;)

Rachel Osborne said...

No, you are far from a bad mama. How fabulous are you for planning something like this, instead of boring ole Dora?! People will remember a mermaid party. Dora is so 2000 and late.

Sally said...

NO, you aren't a bad mama. we have to do that for jackson's bday each year bc his is 3 days after he either has his party way early, or in January. he has no clue it's not on his actual bday. :)
and LOVE the mermaid theme...that will be TOO CUTE! those hot dogs are adorable. go girl!!!