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Monday, March 15, 2010


Last night was great. I haven't ever spent a night in this house without Paisley. Very strange feeling. Marsha and Johnny (my in-laws) moved to Murfreesboro last week. Yeah!! It is so wonderful having family close by. Mr. Johnny made a trip back to Ohio Sunday to work on selling their house, so Grammy offered to let Paisley come stay for a few days. Yeah!! Last night, Stephen cooked supper. Below is what we eat LOTS of:
Greens, vegetables, nuts, and fruits. We also had pan seared scallops as well. It was all delicious. Sometimes for dessert, I will cut up bananas, berries, and mix some chocolate syrup over them and a little fat free whipped cream. So good! Stephen is so extreme; he hardly ever eats dairy, except for the occasional cheese and Vanilla soy milk. I am not that dedicated yet. In fact, Paisley and I made a trip to the DQ yesterday and had onion rings and fries!! ha!! I keep telling myself that it's okay because I am preggers, but soon it will end. My husband is at 140 pounds. Insane.
Enough about food!! Afterwards, we watched Fireproof. I know, we are like the last people on Earth to see this movie. And no, we are not getting a divorce! HA! I really wanted to see it because I heard it had a great message. And it did! The acting wasn't great. But the script and plot was wonderful. Kirk Cameron (aka Mike Seaver) plays the lead. It is a definite for your marriage. Stephen and I both laughed and said, "Wait to they have children!" Here is a clip if you would like to watch the trailer:

I am enjoying my childless day but I miss my sweet Paisley pop!! I have loads of work to finish up, so I need to quit playing and get busy!! Happy Monday!!

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Sally said...

how fun!!! look at that spread! Can stephen come to my house and cook puh-lease???
yay for inlaws being closer!!!
and yes, isn't fireproof a great movie?? ahhh!! need to watch it again...i cried and cried. need to watch it again and be reminded of it's powerful message once again. :)