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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Movies and Food....What Else???

I feel like all I ever blog about is food. HA!
Today I will add a few movies, since I have been off for a week and feel like I have rented more Redbox than ever. Surely y'all all have Redbox? Anyway, one of my new FAVS are some Chocolate Cheerios. These things are yummylicious. You have to try them out. I even pack them as a snack for Paisley. She thinks they are great.
And since Tuesday, we have watched The Princess and the Frog about 30 times. I LOVE the music in this movie. I think it is so cute. My favorite part of the movie is that the spoiled Southern princess sounds just like Blanche Devareaux from Golden Girls. Cracks me up!!

And how about The Blind Side? Is this not a feel good movie or what? Sometimes I love watching movies and seeing and knowing the ending will be happy. And the fact that this movie is about an Ole Miss Family is really fun, too. I wish they would have shown The Grove a little more, but it still great. And Sandra Bullock's character was great. I can so see myself calling the coach during the middle of a football game. Hysterical.
For me, this movie was definitely

And to end, how cute are these carrots? We picked up a few of these yesterday for P's friends. She is going to an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday and a birthday party (well, hopefully. Unless Griffin makes his arrival). I AM SO READY. And so tired of people asking.
Especially the ones that say, "You STILL haven't had that baby? Does it look like I have, idiot?" Bless their hearts.


Carrie said...

I have been eyeing thoses Cheerios! I will have to try them. We loved "The Princess and the Frog" was Livie's 1st movie at the theatre...she dressed up in her princess Tiana dress, tiara, high heels and was in complete awe of the whole experience! LOVE the Tuohy's! You know my Mother-in-law is their daughter's godmother? They are great, and Leigh Anne is just as hysterical as portrayed, if not more!!! Love y'all...keep me updated on the little guy!

Anna said...

Mmmm I've been wondering about those new chocolate cheerios! I'm glad y'all like them. I will definitely have to try them now that I know they are worth buying! But then could anything chocolate not be worth buying? :)


Carrie, I MISS YOU!!!! Give your family some hugs!! Can't believe that about The Tuohy's! Love them!! Anna, you know you will love them!!! XO KJ