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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, the stomach flu has plagued our house. It started this past weekend with my mama. My parents came to town to love on us and spoil us, and my mama got sick Sunday. It gradually got worse and worse. She started feeling better on Tuesday. Well Paisley got sick Monday night (bless her heart she was sooo sick) and was sick allll day Tuesday and Wednesday. Mine started last night :( Pregnancy + Stomach flu= NO FUN!! ) Trying to stay hydrated and keep some Crystal Light down.

Now, on to more importanat things....These are some of the things that I have been liking/craving lately:

1. Mac Clear Lipgloss. at $13, this is a steal. I LOVE to put on bright red lipstick, blot, and then use this as a gloss. It gives you the perfect pink lips.
2. This is one of the foods I have been LIVING off of this pregnancy! I LOVE the Triscuits cracked pepper & olive oil. I love these with some Gouda cheese. Delicious!! The best part? They are whole grain, with no refined sugars.

3. The best perfume in the world! This is definitely my go to summer scent!! You can now buy this at Walgreens!!

4. My favorite eye shadow. Its called Expensive Pink. Such a great color and shade for blending.

5. Monkey Bars. I LOVE these things!! My favorite are the chocolate, but they are all scrumptious!!

6. Clementines might be my new favorite fruit. My husband has introduced these to me on his "Eat to Live" diet. I eat 3 a day!!! ha!

7. Diet Snapple-especially the Lemon. I bought these at Costco last month and I love them.
They are so good cold. Ahhh!

8. Apricot Scrub. My sister got me hooked on this stuff. A yummy, inexpensive exfoliater that is gentle enough to use everyday.

9. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts. I LOVE these things!!! Definitely my sweet tooth coming out. HA!

10. And last but not least, my precious Paisley. Isnt she adorable?


Christie said...

bought Viva La Juicy for Valentines -- my FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Miller's Blog said...

Girl, when I was pregnant with Brennan (my first pregnancy) I craved nothing but brown sugar poptarts. I lived for those things. LOL And I HATE poptarts!!!! :-) Also, I totally wear that Juicy perfume and now I will have to check out the lip gloss. I love, love, love lipstick and gloss. Don't go out of the house without either. The brighter the better.

Christie said...

check out my blog!! I am not as much of a DIVA as you my love but this is so fun!