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Monday, March 01, 2010


Saturday was a big day!! We had planned to go to our friend Paolo's 30th birthday party, but at the last minute, we could not find a sitter. Stephen offered to stay home and keep Paisley, but I decided it would not be much fun to go by myself. We decided to go to the Green Hills Mall and do a little shopping and eat dinner. And.... look for me a "push present"!!! Even though I am not really pushing, but still, you get the idea!! HA!! We went to my favorite store, Mr. Louie, and my husband treated me VERY well.!!! This will be considered a push present, a 30th birthday present, and a 5 year anniversary present all wrapped into one!! HA!
I like this print because it is very spring and summery and I am going to use this as a baby bag, also. I hope I look as skinny as she is carrying it. Check out her abs. I would like to hold her down and feed her Krispy Kreme's.
After all the excitement of a new bag and wallet, Paisley and I headed to the bathroom for a potty break and while I am in the stall, someone says "Do you have any toilet paper, mine is out?" So of course, I hand over the TP. When I open the door, there stands Taylor Swift washing her hands!!!!!
I managed to choke out that I really liked her music and we were HUGE fans!! She commented on Paisley and how cute she was. I said thanks and "Paisley, can you tell Miss Taylor hi and we are big fans!!?" Paisley looks right at her and says, "NOOO!" in her brattiest voice. I wanted to beat her right then and there!!!! She was tall, beautiful, and completely down-to-earth and supernice! I decided not to ask for an autograph since we were in the bathroom and all. But I seriously considered a pic. However, being in Nashville, I refrained and tried to keep my cool! Ha! Yeah right!!
Overall, Saturday was a pretty big day!!


Kim Evans Pigue said...

I love your blog and I stalk it daily! I especially love that we both live in Nashville so I know what you are talking about when you list names of places. And can I say I just almost had a stroke over your new Louie!~ I have the same style but it is in the monogram and I adore it. I have had it several years and I am sure it will be several more years before hubs gets me another one!


Awe! Thanks!!! So glad you like it!! XO KJ

Lauren Tomlinson said...

Paisley doesn't sound like she gets star struck easily. HeHe.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I am drooling about that bag! What a wonderful gift!
Love all your recent posts. I saw Amy Grant at the Green Hills Mall with my friend Kim. She told me that was the mall to see stars! :)
Good Luck with your babe..

the davidsons said...

I can't believe you saw Taylor Swift!!! I saw Faith Hill at Green Hills Mall once and I about died...I would have lost it over "Miss Taylor" haha!

Kim said...

OK, Stephanie's comment is hilarious. Every time I go to the Gap at Green Hills I think about us seeing Amy Grant. Stephanie about stroked out, and I didn't even know what she was talking about!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this