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Monday, March 01, 2010


Someone (not really sure who...thank you whoever you are) told my husband that he should read this book about weight management and how it can help control health problems, such as diabetes, anxiety, and hypertension. My husband is one of those people who is either in the boat or out...there is NO in between. He is the most loyal person on Earth! This book is intense, for lack of a better word.

Some of the things you follow for your intial 6 week induction phase:
1. a pound of green vegetables/fruits a day
2. cashews, almonds, avocados are your healthy fats; can have sparingly.
3. no red meat, cheese, milk or dairy, refined sugars, and limit your whole grains to one cup a day.
4. no coffee, caffeine, or artificial sweetener (you can use Stevia).
5. limit your alcohol intake to one glass of red wine once or twice a week.
6. limit your animal protein (must come from antibiotic free chicken or fish).
7. all the beans (garbanzo, chickpeas, lentils, black eyed peas) you can stand!
8. you are allowed one cheat a week, outside of your house, and must immediately get right back on.
BEFORE YOU SHAKE YOUR HEAD AND RUN FOR THE husband weighed 172 two and half weeks ago and weighed yesterday and was at 148. SERIOUSLY. His blood pressure was at 153/97 back in December....he is at 128/72. UNREAL. This diet is hard core but I cannot believe how far my husbands BP dropped. This author is a physician who treats over 12,000 patients a year and 92% of his patients reverse diabetes. THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE TO ME!!
I feel like I might turn into stalk of asparagus soon!!
HA!! Pray for me...I am going to attempt this after little Griffin arrives!!

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Rachel Osborne said...

Sounds a bit intimidating but I followed Atkins and felt so much better and also South Beach, which has some fantastic fish recipes! Once I got off of carbs, sugars, etc., I stopped craving them, although, I CANNOT give up my sweet tea with lemon...a Mississippi girl don't change her ways! :) Take care!