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Friday, March 26, 2010

Show Us Your Life...Cleaning!

My link was supposed to say that I have a male maid named Enrique!! OOPS!
I will be perfectly honest. I have a housekeeper. And it is the greatest money that I spend. I will color my own hair, use self tanner, and paint my own nails before I cut the housekeeper from the budget. HA! The funniest part about Enrique, the housekeeper, is that he is 19 years old and is the best cleaning person I have ever seen! He even wipes down the ketchup bottle in the refridgerator. I highly suggest a cleaning person, even if they only come once a month. They really do help you deep clean. However, I can't really justify having someone else clean my house while I am off, but as soon as I am back to work, he will be back!
In the meantime, here are my can't live without tips and products!
1. I make my bed everyday and I make Paisley's. My house just feels cleaner and neater with a made bed.
2. I almost never leave dishes in the sink and I wipe my kitchen counters down about 4 times a day. A clean kitchen is a necessity. I also clean out the fridge every other day, and wipe down the microwave. I also love the Method Sprays from Target that are above. My favorite is the Cucumber. It smells so good. I also LOVE the Slatkin room sprays that you can buy from Bath and Body Works. My mother-in-law got me hooked on these things. After I spray these, my house immediately smells clean! I love the cinnamon and the vanilla.
3. I have realized that picking up toys more than once a day is a waste. In saying that, if we leave to go somewhere, I have to pick them up. I hate coming home to a scattered house. I also love those big wicker baskets from TJ Maxx. I use those to help with some of the clutter.
4. I feel like the Magic Eraser might be the greatest invention EVER. It has the same formulation as my mama's spit (I know you girls have heard of a spit bath?!). That thing will remove anything off of a wall and it will even get white stuff off of your black dress. I keep these things everywhere.
5. I also LOVE Spray and wash with Resolve for the laundry. I have actually sprayed this directly on a rug, and it removed grape juice in front of my eyes. Crazy how well it works.
6. I also love these Clorox wipes. I buy these in bulk from Costco and keep them under every sink in the house. They are a great way to clean fast if you have company coming and just need a quick wipe down.
7. One of my other rules is that I sort through the mail outside. Junk mail doesn't even come in my house. It goes in the trash can outside the back door. I need to be recycling (make a note).
8. My last product/tip is if you have hard wood floors, the Bissell steam mop is ridiculous!!
This thing only uses water and comes with washable pads that you just throw in the washer. It dries instantly. My hardwoods are the toughest thing to keep clean in my house, between dogs and kids. They are always messy it seems!!
Please leave me your tips! Happy Friday!!!


Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

You're so lucky to have a housekeeper!

I too love clorox wipes. They're so handy! I've got to try those sprays from Target.

Thanks for the tips!

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow Enrique? I wish I could justify a housekeeper. Being a SAHM means no for now. Maybe someday. In the meantime, I'm checking out the Bissel steam mop... sounds like a dream come true!

Alyson said...

Hey there! I clicked over to your blog from Kelly's's so cute (and so is your little one!). I was reading below about your hubby doing the Eat to Live program. Do you mind emailing me...I have a few questions for you! (I didn't see your email anywhere:-) My email is THANKS SO MUCH!!!