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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I will be honest. Alot of times when I leave posts on my blog, I wonder who reads them? Or if anyone does? Someone told me that I should leave a blog counter to see how many hits I have a day. Well, let me tell you. I was NOT expecting 300 in 2 days! I am honored!! I SO want to get 100 followers, so please tell your family friends to sign up and follow. Please let me know also if there are any topics you would to discuss. Or recipes. Or anything. Also, in honor of my crazy blog counter results, I am giving away $25.00 Visa gift card. If you sign up to follow my blog OR are currently a follower, you are already qualified in the drawing. I will draw April 15, 2010!

I love you all and enjoy hearing from you!!

Much love from Nashville!




Stephanie said...

Good Luck Tomorrow!! XO

Kim said...

Good luck KJ!!! You know I'm a follower!

Ford Family said...

Love your blog!