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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Isn't this bag fabulous?! I love it for all seasons and for all you hot moms out there, it doubles as a diaper bag. You can find it here.
Target is killing me lately with all these designer's making collections at 20 and 30 dollar price ranges!! How cute are these?! Already bought them.

This dress is so cute on! I had a fit over it!!

And this cute tunic with leggings or jeans? Love it.

not the acid washed jeans FYI ...the cardigan...I bought it in Cornflower Blue.

And I love this dress because you can untie it and make it is a little hoochie mama-ish in this picture!

Great top with a cute neckline. I plan on wearing this under my suits for work.

LOVE this jewel print top!!! I found the clothes at New York and Company.

And you never have too many chandelier earrings. They also make your face look skinnier!!

And this precious owl wristlet! At 15 bucks, it is quite a steal!!! You can find it at Forever 21!

Happy Shopping and Happy Saturday!!


Sassy In The South said...

I LOVE my CV wedges from Target, and I was so happy to have found them since they're sold out at a lot of Target locations!

Sally said...

you are so cute!!! i love ALL of your purchases!!! And Dave Ramsey would be proud of your bargains, ha ha!! :)

Lauren Tomlinson said...

I have the navy shirt and the grey one with the pearls. LOVE THEM!!!