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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I prayed for the next two weeks to go by slow, since my plans are to go back to work and all (I sound reallll excited about going back, don't I? HAHA) but seriously today has been crazy slow!! My husband is out of town all week, I am trying to get ready for Paisley's birthday party that is Saturday, and my sweet little Griffin screams bloody murder everytime he is laid down. He is making it hard to get anything done. He hates the swing. The bed. The babybed. The Bouncy. ALL OF IT!! Stephen calls his swing "The Neglector" which I think is hilarious. And true! Anyway, Monday we took Paisley to school and stopped by Babies R US and bought a nice play gym for cranky pants. He really likes it, thank goodness!! How cute is he? And his outfit? Check out his red high tops!! Who knew dressing a boy could actually be fun?!

His weight is up...close to 12 pounds!!! I love his little chicken legs so much!! Here he is kicking to his Baby Neptune DVD.
On Saturday, we took Paisley to her first gymnastics class. She was so excited. She has talked about it all week!! She is on the far right in the black leotard.

Here she is right before class. She was dancing around the living room. It was so cute!

Practicing her moves....ha!!

I LOVE her stocky little legs!

After gymnastics, we went to the Factory in Franklin and visited the Farmer's Market and ate lunch. It was so hot!!! But we had a great lunch and had a nice time. We came home and all took naps and after we woke up, I got dressed and went to a wedding of our friends, Mo and Phillip. It was beautiful!! Stephen stayed home and baby sat the children. He did a great job!! I was so proud. On Friday night (yes I am going backwards...sorry) we met all our friends at Sambuca and celebrated Stephen and Heather's birthdays upstairs in the lounge.

Heather and Amy HH.

I went to Maggie Moos and picked up a cake on Friday afternoon and the waitress left it on the counter in the kitchen at Sambuca. The manager treated us to every dessert on the menu. It was awesome!!!
Rhaygen, Brooke, and Me
Heather, Stephen, and Brittney.

I kept Paisley at home on Friday and let her run errands with me (Griffin spent Wednesday and Thursday nights with his Grammy and Pappy) and Paisley had loads of fun. She went to the salon with me and was actually really good while I had my hair highlighted and blown out. Jonas let her try on wigs and she thought that was the greatest thing EVER!! Afterwards, we went to Joann's to pick up some fabric for her birthday table and also went to Maggie Moos.

She is VERY into dancing and making up choreography.

How cute is her Juicy Couture outfit? I love it. I want one in my size! LOL!

Well, that was our week and weekend in a nutshell!
I hope you had a magnificent one, also.
I am looking forward to a week of good tv and my family is coming on Thursday. YAY!!!


Misty said...

Hey Katie!

I just wanted to tell you that my daughter went to the same gymnastics school (I won't mention the name, in case you have weirdo stalkers) for two years and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ms. G. She is definitely the best in the biz around here! Sometimes the other mamas can be a rough mess, but Ms. G. knows exactly what she's doing! Love her!

Ford Family said...

I'm loving Paisley's Juicy outfit!! That girl's got it goin' on!!:)

Miss G said...

Where did you get his outfit? Adorable. i'm finding it hard to find cute boy clothing. Kelly


Miss G, his outfit is Amy Coe from Babies R Us. She has some cute stuff! XO KJ