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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


So sorry I have been out of comission. I have been in Mississippi for the week visiting my family. My mama (God bless her sweet soul) drove back to Nashville with me and then she turned around and drove back to Jackson. Nothing like 14 hours in the car for two days! We were forced to drive back thru Birmingham since Interstate 40 was shut down due to the flooding.

Speaking of flooding, it is horrendous. I mean, completely surreal....I feel like I am re-living Hurricane Katrina and it is terrible. Please pray for our dear city. Thank goodness we were spared any damage, but lots of our friends were not so lucky.

Bellvue, Franklin, Hermitage and Lebanon were some of the areas damaged beyond repair. The Opryland Hotel, The Opry Mills Mall, and LP Field are under water. Lower dowtown Nashville was also hit very hard, which also affected the water system in Nashville. So we have been asked to conserve water for the rest of the week. All of our schoolas are closed and so many businesses and have closed to allow their employees to help people clean up.

Below is a video of the Opryland Hotel. There are so many jobs that are affected by the mall and hotel closing indefinitely. Please pray for these people as they look for other work. The Aquarium restaurant (which is located inside Opry Mills Mall) had a fish tank bust and two piranhas were swimming in the water. CRAZY!

Please pray for our police and firemen that are protecting us.

Love and hugs from Nashville. XO KJ


Anna said...

Unbelievable. I'm praying.

Sparkles N' Sports said...

Oh my goodness. My heart is breaking seeing the pictures and video. My prayers are going out to Nashville! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

This site is darling. Miss you!!! We love you all. Savana and Amy :)