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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Paisley!! I cannot believe my baby girl is 3 today.

Where does the time go? I am trying to remind myself of this as I type at 3:30 am while I am up feeding Griff! HA!

I can vividly remember (like it was yesterday) being in that ultrasound at Baptist and finding out I was having a girl and literally being so excited I thought I was going to explode! I could not get out of there fast enough and head to the mall to start shopping!! HAHA!

What is she up to at the tender young age of 3 you ask?

-28 pounds of pure energy. She NEVER STOPS!

-requires very little sleep! Goes to bed at 9 and wakes up at 6!

-naps for 2-3 hours daily. Thank the LORD!

-she is obsessed with the color purple. We have purple everything right now!!

-is the biggest mess maker in the world. No, seriously she is.

-her favorite foods are yogurt, strawberries, orange juice, cheese, cereal, PB&Js, Shrimp, rice, soup, corn, biscuits, and occasionally green beans.

-not a big fan of chocolate (except M&M's) or ice cream..what? I know.

-but she LOVES, I mean double heart LOVES some CANDY. Starburst, jelly beans, gummi bears, suckers, gum. The list goes on and on.

-she loves to play outside, blow bubbles, go to the park, ride any and all carousels, Dora, Barbies, books, play-doh, painting, playing dress-up, wearing dresses, picking out her clothes, and putting on make-up.

-does not like brushing her teeth, having her hair brushed or washed, sitting still, or sharing. We are working on all these things!

The best part about Paisley is her attitude and silliness!! She reminds me daily to slow down and smell the roses. And to let the house go. And sit down and play Barbies!

I am so thrilled that God blessed me with this daughter, and am so grateful for all the joy she has brought us over the past 3 years! I am looking forward to watching her grow into a little girl and lady. And yes, gulp, even a teenager. I don't think Stephen is EVER gonna be ready for that!



Sparkles N' Sports said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Paisley!! Sydney and I had so much fun when she was 3! I hope she has the most wonderful day! You have such a cute family and love your blog!! Thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog!!


Ford Family said...

She's a doll!! Happy birthday, Paisley!

Shannon said...

Hey! Did you get my text this morning? Happy birthday to sweet PAISLEY! I can't belive its been 3 yrs since I first saw mini stephen! ;) Hope you are having a blast in ms, tell the fam hi and kiss those babies for me. Miss you!

Kim said...

Happy birthday baby girl!

Sally said...

OMG!!! Cannot believe she is 3!!! I remember when she was born there at Baptist!! Happy Bday Paisley Jane!!!

A Wedding Story said...

Aww such a sweet post!!