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Monday, April 19, 2010


I love Lily Pulitzer. She just SCREAMS summer!!! Lily has been around since the JFK era. She was sort of a free spirit and moved to Florida with her husband from New York. She ran a juice stand on the side of the road and she had this vision to start sewing these cute print dresses to wear to hide her juice stains. She quickly got questions about where to buy the dresses, and decided to start selling them at the stand. They became very popular!! She sent one to her friend and grade school classmate, first lady Jackie O.
Jackie wore it on the cover of Time and bam! Lily was golden!!!!
Stephen and I love to vacation in South Florida, and now Stephen's company is based out of West Palm. It is so fun taking a 3 day vacation there. Lots of times we stay at the Jupiter Beach Resort. It is perfect. Close to everything, great tennis courts, great parks, great beach!!!
I love flying to Fort Lauderdale and traveling the coast to West Palm Beach and Jupiter. I also love Delray Beach. There are Lily boutiques everywhere and
everyone in Florida wears Lily.
I love it.
It is very Stepford Wives
(FYI, If you haven't seen Stepford Wives, you need to. GREAT movie!!)
And I love how everyone brings their dogs everywhere!!
So now you have had your history lesson today about South Florida and Lily P!!
So, here are my fav Lily prints for 2010:
A Lily jumpsuit. So comfy for a plane ride!!!

And this gator bag? Presh.

And for Stephen! Love these!!!


and look at this John John for my G man!!

Is this Stepford or what?!!

Maybe my favorite!!!

I need a fruity drink and the beach!!!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I heart Lily too. I want Lily dog collars for my dogs but I haven't gone that far yet.