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Friday, April 09, 2010


7 Things About Me!

My friend Valerie tagged me on her blog. The tag was to list 7 things about me that you don't already know. Some of you might know this stuff, but hopefully not all of it. Here it goes:

1. I am secretly obssessed with Kimora Lee. I love her show Fabulousity. I know she is over-the-top, but I still watch. I think she is hilarious.

2. I have an absolutely terrible, terrible addiction to fast food. I double heart some Christian chicken (that's Chick-Fil-A), some Wendy's hamburgers, and some Nachos Belle Grande from Taco Bell. Obviously, being on this new eating plan with my husband has eliminated most of this. I still cheat from time to time. And I won't even talk about Sonic LOL.

3. I am originally from Mississippi. And I still love it. Mississippi is such a misunderstood place. It cracks me up to hear people dog it on TV and especially people who have never even been there. The greatest people in the world are from there. I am so grateful that I was born Southern and taught manners, morals, and kindness. It amazes me what you can have and how far you can get JUST BY BEING NICE TO PEOPLE and not acting like a little you-know-what.

I love going home any chance I can get.

4. When I was in eighth grade, my right lung collapsed and I had to have half of it removed. It still hurts when it rains!

5. It drives me BONKERS that my daughter is the biggest mess maker ON EARTH. It seriously is an issue and I have to pray about it daily. I get so irritated. For example, if I make her a PB&J, she will open it up and rub it all over hands and then her face. She is nearly 3 and most of the time, she eats in just her diaper. HA! I know, I am terrible mother.

6. I am a complete and total SUCKER for infomercials. I LOVE them on Saturday morning. The Perfect Brownie, The Slim in 6, The Slap Chop, The Magic Bullet, The Ninja. Love them all.

7. I am a neat freak on the outside, but some my cabinets and drawers are messy places. My mom calls me a closet hoarder. LOL. My goal while I am off work is to get rid of all it. Starting next week, I am working on certain areas that need to be cleaned out. I am going to tackle 3 projects a week. Wish me luck! Now to tag you!!

Please, all of you that BLOG. I am tagging you. Give us 7 interesting things about you

that we don't know.

Can't wait to read!!


Beth said...

Just for the record....I was born and raised in Iowa and I have manners, morals, and kindness:)

Ford Family said...

I am so glad you commented on Mississippi! It IS a wonderful and misunderstood place! I love the Magnolia State!!!