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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Paisley goes back and forth from wanting to be a big girl to a baby. She is trying hard to be a big sister. She hates it when Griffin cries. She covers her eyes and gets very upset until we figure out what is wrong. Yesterday I was getting dinner ready (The Dobyn's brought over a YUMMY dinner) and this is what Paisley was doing. Sucking her 3 year old Paci and swinging in the baby swing. Cracks me up. I love her sooo very much.

Paisley and Gracyn Dobyns taking her car for a spin.
Boob Man sleeping in his Nap Nanny.
Aunt Cookie and the babes.
Aunt Heather and Griffin.
Paisley's other BFF Grace Hamilton who LOVES Griffin. SO SWEET!
Playing outside. Loving this warm weather!

And sweet Gigi and Griffin. He LOVES some Gigi.

Happy Tuesday!! XOXO KJ


The Miller's Blog said...

So, so adorable! Beautiful babies! Both of them. And I know your Mama is eating it up!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Such cute pictures! I love me some Gigi too! Miss you. My next few weekends are slammed, but maybe when things settle I can come visit. Hope all is well at the Goody house! Love ya!

Anna said...

LOVE love love the pics!