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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yes, I am a complete nerd blogging on Saturday night. But what a week it has been! It is hard to rest between 2am feedings, Miss Priss who wakes up at 6am sharp, and doctors appointments out the wahzoo. We also had a good bit of company, which was very nice. Angie, a sweet girl who works with Stephen, sent Griffin and Paisley some precious gifts from Baby Gap. I think she reads my blog, so she obviously knew that is our favorite!!

Paisley opened a big teddy bear and Griffin received 2 onesies. I am so blonde. I forgot to take a picture of what we opened. HA!

On Wednesday, all my best girlfriends came over for some vino and appetizers. They brought everything; all I did was host. We also hads some cake in honor of Erin's b-day.

I love these girls so much. We have a good time and love to get rowdy and discuss some very funny things. I always learn something new. HA!

Happy Birthday Erin!!

Griffin also had his first doctors appointment this week. It didn't go so hot. He is down a pound and also had thrush. So we are working hard to get his weight up and taking a oral drop by mouth to rid the flush. I love him so much. He is such a precious boy and a good baby. He is sleeping pretty well, too. He is definitely a Mama's boy. Hehe.

Dr. Leeper and Griffin. I LOVE this man. He is truly the greatest pediatrician in Nashville/Brentwood. I double heart him. I also went to the doctor this week and got released to drive! Yeah!!

And last but not least, big sister had a fun week at Grammy's and at playschool. She picked this ensemble out herself, complete with the boots. She is already fabulous. And I take full credit. Look at that popped collar.

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