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Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am VERY sorry if I offended anyone by saying I am glad I was "born Southern and with morals, manners, and kindness." I am VERY slept deprived but however, no excuses. I NEVER ,EVER meant that if you weren't born Southern, you don't have those things. I think this whole Southern and Mississippi thing really bothered me a few weeks ago when the student from North Mississippi wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom and they denied her entrance. Whether or not you agree or disagree, so many posts on this certain news website were about Mississippi being backwards, stupid, etc. It made me so mad that just because people disagreed, they were in the stone age and stupid. I think this was on my mind. Again, I used a poor choice of words and I am truly sorry. I have friends all over this country, and they all possess great characteristics. I am honored that each of you read my blog and hope you will continue to. Happy Saturday!!! Hope it is just as beautiful at your house as it is at mine!


Beth said...

No offense taken. I read lots of blogs and most of them from Southern women. I often feel like they don't like me because I am from the North.
I am a Christian and Love all people no matter where they come from.
I enjoy your blog and thanks for being so kind:)
Of course many congratulations on your new little boy.

Misty said...

I am amazed how much time you have to blog since having your baby! It's quite impressive! After having my second, I barely had time to shower and eat, let alone blog!

Congrats on that sweet baby!

Kim said...

You're a nut. This Yankee loves your Southern girl self!

Rebecca said...

No offense taken from this Northerner. If anyone was offended, they need to lighten up and live life through the eyes of a child. You're so sweet Katie Jane.

Anna said...

WOW...and I'll stop right there. I'd hate to be offensive. :)

I have been reading comments about that story too and it BLOWS my mind some of the stuff people are saying about MS. I get so flustered every time I here something negative about it.

I think you're great and so does everyone else! Have no worries!

Eric said...

It's absolutely fine to have an opinion that others don't agree with, Katie. You don't have to apologize for it!